Overall Template Report Cover Page

Click in the checkbox to include a cover page in the report:

The cover page, displayed in the above figure, lists the name of the template, the number of relevant walk-throughs, the site (All Sites being one of the options) and,

if the template is a subject-targeting one, the subject (All Subjects being one of the options) that were selected by the user for the report.

As well, up to two filters and one element used as a filter are listed.

In the above figure, four walk-throughs based on the 21th Century Education template were relevant to the report's selections.

The report reflects walk-throughs targeting All Subjects (rather than any specific subject) at Bluejay Elementary School.

The 21st Century Education template has two filters, Grade Level and Classroom Type.

The first filter has been used to generate the report for walk-throughs performed at grades 4 - 6. The second filter makes the report apply only to to Labs and Lecture Halls.

Only walk-throughs corresponding to a checked The school procedures are clearly posted... checkbox are made to bear in the report.

NOTE: Please note that the cover page lists all the choices for the report made by the user using the report header's drop-downs and checkboxes.