A Note on Sending Reports as email Attachments

You can send reports as email attachments.

In the image above, you see an example of a report header.

In the top left corner, you may notice the email Icon and the Tree Expand Icon.

Click the Tree Expand Icon to send an email that includes the report as an attachment.

The report is expanded when the plus sign is clicked. The red border (added here for clarity) encloses the new fields being displayed.

To send the report as an e-mail attachment, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter Email Subject.
  2. Enter recipient’s Email Address.
  3. Type in e-mail body in the Email Note input box.
  4. Click the e-mail icon or the Send button to send the email.

NOTE: Click again the Tree Expand icon to collapse the box used for sending e-mails (which is enclosed within a red border in the above image).