A How-to Video on Dashboards:

How to Make and Use a Dashboard in eWalk

Dashboard Overview

A dashboard displays a real-time representation of a user's walk-through report below the walk-through questionnaire while the observation is being undertaken. The Dashboard option can be selected in the main menu of eWalk, as long as certain permissions have been allowed. View below a Step By Step process on how to create a dashboard in eWalk.

1. This is a blank dashboard, the initial screen users will see upon entering the Dashboard feature

2. Select the "Gear"

3. Select "Create new Dashboard Element"

4. Select an "Observed" option

5. Select a school

6. Select Date Range

7. Select a View

8. Select a Category

9. Select a Template for this Dashboard

10. This option is up to the user

11. The finalized menu

12. The teachers tied to this dashboard will appear in either the "Observed" or "Yet to be Observed" area, depending on if they have been observed or not

13. If the user left the box unchecked from Figure 10, select it now to view subjects without a walk-through

14. A display of every teacher, whether viewed or yet to be viewed

15 Click Edit.png

16. Select a new Element

17. An overview of all menu options

18. A graphical representation will now appear

19. Click to see report details

20. View in-depth report detail