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Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria (ADAVIC)

International Society for Hypnosis

formerly Int. Society for Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis. Meares was an office bearer in the 1950's-60s

Meditation Australia

formerly known as Aust. Teachers of Meditation Assoc (ATMA)

National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre

Links that have nothing to do with meditation

Anna Meares

Website of Anna Meares the Olympic champion who bears the same surname as Ainslie Meares. She is not known to be a relative (open to correction if anyone has a more complete genealogy).---0---
Below are useful tools - especially in Victoria & Australia. Similar tools may be present in other parts of the world.


www.redbook.com.auAustralian Site list details about all sorts of models and types of cars. Also provides an indication of price. This is the source that many in the vehicle and insurance industry use to estimate car value.
www.justdrive.com.aucalculator that lets you work out car running costs.
www.automobiledimension.comDimensions of cars and basic spec information. Good to help narrow down range of choices from what is available. International site so the odd model may not be available where you live.

Health Insurance

www.choice.com.auYou must be a member. Lets you compare Aust. health insurance polices provided by different providers.

Electricity, Gas, Water, Aircon, Solar

compare.energy.vic.gov.auCompare energy and gas providers costings on electrictiy and gas
www.fairair.com.auEstimating size, energy and noise output of air con in Australia. Can be used to compare with your existing arrangement or to help design a new one.
www.concertinafoilbatts.comAluminium foil is an excellent insulator that cuts down heat transfer in and out. Explains how it can be utilised.
www.magnetite.com.auIf you have single glazed windows you can get them double glazed for acoustic and or thermal applications.
tractile.com.auInnovative solar roof that can also be used to heat water.
solarcalculator.com.auLets you calculate your solar panel system size desired or compare with an existing system.


Innovative way of using your clothes dryer for heating