Stillness Meditation Period

Meares continued to refine his method and positive philosophy until his passing. His later method is known as Stillness Meditation. Stillness Meditation consists of:

  • a really simple relaxing meditative experience involving:

- complete physical relaxation,

- experiencing the relaxation through our whole being

- while in slight (!) discomfort. AND

  • Letting the effect of this meditation flow on through daily life (ie living calm).

You can read all about it in the first book. It was written to help people learn Stillness Meditation.

Mindfulness is NOT Stillness. Stillness lies beyond mindfulness. For more about that click here.

During the Stillness Meditation period Meares wrote 11 poetry books The poetry formed part of his later method. How it fits in is explained in the first book. The first book includes 33 sample poems by Ainslie Meares (a couple from each poetry book). A second book has first line indexes for each poetry book. The sample poems and first lines were included to give you a taste and to help you decide which of Ainslie Meares' poetry book(s) you might like to get.

Reading about Stillness Meditation helps to understand what to do but regular practice is also needed. If you live near Ringwood, Melbourne classes are offered from time to time. Teachers outside Melbourne are listed here. Also, if you can't find a class or teacher close by here are some ideas.

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