Relief Without Drugs Period

By 1960 Ainslie Meares had melded mental homeostasis with the essence of mysticism. He had transitioned from hypnotizing his patients to teaching them how to do it themselves. His method contained 2 main elements:

  • Rest naturally in deep relaxation via the relaxing mental exercise to dissolve tension, anxiety & pain


  • Letting the calm and ease spread through daily life.

This was outlined in his famous book Relief Without Drugs. It is still available second hand these days (for whatever price is asked). However, you can also get Relief Without Drugs as part of a new book (aka the first book). In other words, that book contains Relief Without Drugs written by Ainslie Meares.

During the RWD period Meares' called his method "the relaxing mental exercise" and later "deep relaxation". Back then, most people in the West did not know about a mysterious exotic thing called "meditation". Things have changed a lot since then.

Relief Without Drugs inside the first book, explains how to practice the relaxing mental exercise and also has summaries of the relaxing mental exercise and pain management written by the Editor (NB these were not included in the original RWD book). The summaries outline the main points to help with practice and the fine tuning that goes with learning something new.

Next came the Stillness Meditation Period