No class or teacher nearby - how can I learn ?

There are Stillness Meditation classes in Ringwood, Melbourne, other suburbs and outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area. However, there are many parts of the world where there may be no obvious Stillness Meditation class or teacher close by.

Some people teach "stillness meditation" but what they teach has nothing to do with Ainslie Meares' method. If you want to learn Meares' method then you need to check your source. Here is a little about Meares' Stillness Meditation and Stillness. However, there is a lot more in the first book. The first book was written for anyone either learning or wishing to learn Meares' method.

Do not give up if there is no teacher or class nearby. A teacher is of great help but Ainslie Meares' method can be self taught. Meares said that was why he wrote Relief Without Drugs (included in the first book). Going on to say that he had received many letters from people all over the world whom he had never met but who had learnt his method and who wrote to him telling him they had gotten help. That didn't mean they read his book and instantly understood. They carefully followed the instructions in the book, learnt how to do it, got help and practiced on a regular basis to get even more help.

The first book includes Relief Without Drugs by Ainslie Meares. It also explains how to practice Stillness Meditation and provides 33 sample of his poetry, a couple from each of his books, to help start you off with.

You might want to see if your local library has any of Ainslie Meares' books. You might be lucky. However, a lot of libraries don't anymore as the copies they had wore out. Libraries don't buy second hand books. Instead, you could ask them to get a new book listed on this web site or by another author (eg see second book).

You could also look for second hand copies of Ainslie Meares' books. The second book lists all of Meares' books including his poetry. It contains short summaries of each of them. The idea is to help people work out which book they want to get.

You might be thinking - if only Ainslie Meares could tell me which book to get. Meares' reading recommendations for his patients are listed in the first book. Meares' recommendations included Relief Without Drugs which forms part of the first book. Meares' other recommendations are emphasised in the first book as the reader who has a copy of it already has Relief Without Drugs in their hands.

The first book also contains recommendations made in 2017 by someone who has read all of Ainslie Meares' books. These recommendations consider:

  • all of Meares' books including those published after his passing in 1986.
  • availability in 2017-2018 - so you can find them relatively easily.
  • price - so you can avoid some of the most expensive books.

Small quantities of some of Meares' books are available for purchase here.

Book 1 Ainsle Meares on Meditation Book 2 A Key To The Books Of Ainslie Meares.