The Hypnosis Period

After a period in general psychiatry Ainslie Meares became involved in medical hypnosis. He learnt to hypnotise patients so deeply that they sometimes lost the ability to speak but he was able to communicate with them using gesture and methods that became incorporated into art therapy. He became recognised as both an Australian and an international expert in medical hypnosis. He wrote about his system in an extensive textbook "A System of Medical Hypnosis" (front covers above). Over several years, he simplified his method of hypnosis.

At the end of the Hypnosis Period he traveled the world in search of yogi's and other experts in hypnosis, meditation and pain control. Using his sensitivity and highly polished skills he was able to learn from the genuine (and avoid the occasional fake). From the very best, he learnt how he could extract the essential elements and apply them directly, simply and efficiently to help his patients.

A first book, Ainslie Meares on Meditation, outlines Meares' early life and the hypnosis period. It also covers the Relief Without Drugs and Stillness Meditation periods and much more.

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