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1. Should I tell my doctor I am learning meditation?

Yes. If you are doing anything that might impact your health (including meditation) then you should always tell your doctor. The doctor can ask your permission to liase with your meditation teacher to communicate anything that may help you learn more effectively.

Doctors have to learn an enormous amount of information and then keep up to date. A side effect of this is that there are some doctors who have little first hand knowledge of meditation generally and Stillness Meditation, in particular. This web site was created as a source of introductory information on Stillness Meditation and Ainslie Meares' method.

Another reason to tell you doctor about anything you have decided to do to improve your health is that over time doses of certain medication or other treatments might need to be reviewed and or changed. If you doctor doesn't know what you are doing then they will not consider that in reviewing your medical needs.

2. I had a bad mental illness in the past - can I learn meditation?

If you have had a diagnoses of schizophrenia or psychosis you will need to provide a clearance certificate from your treating doctor before you attend your first meditation class. After you have clearance, it is important to closely follow your teacher's instructions.

Community Service Information

These two items are mentioned as a general community service:

3. I take supplements - should I tell my doctor?

Yes. Taking supplements - like vitamins, minerals or herbs - can affect the doses of any medications you are taking or treatments that your doctor might have prescribed. Many people do not realise that some supplements can interact with medical treatments.

4. I have a concern about the service(s) of a health practitioner that needs to be resolved?

In the interests of general community service further information is presented here that may be helpful to readers.

Most concerns should be raised and be able to be addressed by simply speaking with your health provider. Click here for helpful information. The Code mentioned applies to health practitioners of all types in Victoria, Australia.