FAQ Books by Owen Bruhn

1. Who is Owen Bruhn?

For more information about Owen Bruhn click here.

2. What books has he written?

1. Ainslie Meares on Meditation also called the first book on this web site.

2. A Key To The Books Of Ainslie Meares also known as the second book on this web site.

3. An untitled work (in progress when this FAQ was written) about Meares' method & the best evolutionary health ideas.

3. Why did he write these books?

Simply because he believes that Ainslie Meares' method has a lot to offer.

Ainslie Meares' books are only available second hand and will not be printed up again for many years. Many people in Australia and overseas want to know what Ainslie Meares' actually wrote and taught. The idea behind writing the books was to create resources these people could use. It follows that each book was written for different reasons.

3A The first book

Libraries can buy new books but not second hand books. If some one asks the library or a library decides it can get the first book to provide readers with a biography, the RWD method and Stillness meditation method, 33 sample poems and so on - click here for more information about the first book.

Owen Bruhn says that in the case of the first book he is both editor (in relation to RWD and the 33 sample poems) and author. In respect to his own writings, as author, he emphasises that credit should go to Ainslie Meares as the originator of his method and the many years of work Meares put in writing it all down (as he told people he had done). Bruhn observes that he has read all of Ainslie Meares' books, journal articles and conference proceedings and is merely condensing and conveying to the public that which Ainslie Meares had already written down. He does this to encourage people to learn Ainslie Meares' method and also to encourage them to read some of Meares' work themselves.

3B The second book

Libraries can buy new books but not second hand books. These days people generally use the internet to find second hand copies of Meares' books. The second book was written specifically to provide a key to help people decide which of the books written by Ainslie Meares they might want to get. In other words, the second book will help you work out which of Meares' books cover topics that may interest you eg his meditation method, poetry, his positive philosophy, his ideas on different aspects of the human life cycle, relationships, work and so on.

Essentially, the second book provides a resource that will help you decide which book you might get. You can then get a copy of that book using the internet with more confidence that it will cover the areas you are interested in. A better option than getting a book using the title and then looking at it, for the first time, when it arrived. The second book was written as people said that they would like more help in selecting books written by Ainslie Meares.

4 Will these books help if I don't have a teacher?

Yes. The first book is the one to get if your interest is in learning Meares' method of meditation.

Ainslie Meares' said that he wrote his Relief Without Drugs to help people learn his method without a teacher and many people he had never met wrote to him after having gotten help from his book. Relief Without Drugs is included in the first book. The first book also include instructions on Stillness Meditation

Click here for tips on what to do if there is no teacher or class nearby.

5 Will these books help if I already have a teacher?

Assuming that your teacher is teaching Ainslie Meares' method the first book will be of assistance. It can be read in between classes to help understand the theory better. The practical instructions on how to meditate will also help you get the knack. But remember regular practice.

Also, the second book could help you choose some of Meares' books to get.

6 I practice another sort of meditation - will I get anything out of the first book?

In the areas of sports and physical fitness, people talk about cross training. This is the idea that you can pick up useful tips from learning about activities that are similar but different to your own. If you feel that you can use a cross training approach then you will learn from the first book.

Ainslie Meares' method is a complete system. His method includes practicing meditation in the class room, certain practices to be done outside the class room to "make the meditation more general" (as he wrote) and other practices to help the effects of the meditation flow on into daily life. His is a systematic scientific western approach to a topic that is often discussed in esoteric hard to understand terms. If this sounds like it might be of interest then the first book would be worth a look at.

Many styles of meditation use "trains of thought" . Part of the first book incorporates the trains of thought that Meares included in his written works. Teachers of Meares' style of meditation will also find this useful. In addition, Meares' teaching protocol is also outlined.

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