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How many books did Ainslie Meares write?

35 books in total. One of his books was published under 2 different names.

The books are listed in chronological order in the first book. That list makes it clear which period each book fits into ie hypnotic, RWD or Stillness Meditation period.

The second book lists:

  • the 21 non fiction books and provides short summaries of each book.
  • the 12 poetry books and provides a first line index of each book.
  • the 2 works of fiction are identified .

The second book also provides summaries of Ainslie Meares' books. In addition, the second book list books by other authors that are purely about Meares' method.

Why did Ainslie Meares write so many books?

Over the years, Ainslie Meares told various people "I have written it all down". If you had a look at all his books you would see that they cover all aspects of his method of meditation and his positive philosophy. If you want an easy way to gain a general overview of the topics covered then the second book has summaries of his books.

What did Meares recommend people read?

You might be thinking - if only Ainslie Meares could tell me which book to get!

Meares' reading recommendations for his patients are listed in the first book. Meares' recommendations included Relief Without Drugs which forms part of the first book. Meares' other recommendations are emphasised in the first book as the reader who has a copy of it already has Relief Without Drugs in their hands.

What are the best books that Ainslie Meares wrote?

The first book contains recommendations made in 2017 by someone who has read all of Ainslie Meares' books. These recommendations consider:

  • Ainslie Meares recommendations about his own books.
  • all of Meares' books - including those published after his passing in 1986.
  • availability in 2017-2018 - so you can find them relatively easily.
  • price - so you can avoid some of the most expensive books.

The recommendations mainly cover the Stillness Meditation period as it is Meares' later work in meditation that most people want to know about. Those particularly interested in the Hypnosis period will find the information in the second book helpful.

Where can I get Ainslie Meares books?

Try your local library. Failing that second hand book sellers and the internet are your options.

Relief Without Drugs written by Ainslie Meares and 33 sample poems written by Ainslie Meares are included in the first book.

The second book was written specifically to provide a key to help people decide which of the books written by Ainslie Meares they might want to get. In other words, the second book will help you decide which of Ainslie Meares' books you might get. It will help you work out which of his books cover topics that may interest you.

Those on a tight budget could ask their library to purchase a copy of the first book. Libraries don't purchase second hand books (ie like Ainslie Meares' books). The second book also lists books by other authors about Ainslie Meares' method.

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