About the Author

Owen Bruhn, BscHons, Grap Dip Occ Hyg, Grad Dip Erg, MAIOH, CPMSIA is a part time Meditation Teacher, a licensed Stillness Meditation Therapy Practitioner & (teaching) Member of the Meditation Association of Australia. He is a certified Primal Health Coach and has also utilised the principles of the Egoscue method for many years. He lives with family and dogs in Melbourne. While growing up he had an interest in various eastern arts including judo, tai chi, yoga and others.

Bruhn met Ainslie Meares in 1984 and attended some of his meditation classes. Bruhn's interest in Meares' Style of Meditation was substantially reinvigorated several years ago after a painful injury. He is the first in the evolutionary health movement to identify Ainslie Meares' method as the natural form of mental rest and stress elimination.

Bruhn is editor and (part) author of the book Ainslie Meares on Meditation that includes Relief Without Drugs Distilled and 30+ sample poems by Ainslie Meares. Bruhn edited these sections and wrote new summaries of the 2 main sections in Relief Without Drugs. Other sections of the book are the result of comprehensive research and substantial practical experience in Ainslie Meares' method. Although he teaches Stillness Meditation part time he still considers himself a student engaged in life long learning. Pauline McKinnon who is Bruhns' teacher learnt directly from Ainslie Meares for around a decade wrote the Foreword to the book. The book is available hardcopy and as an ebook.