Sharing the Ballooning Experience...

Peaceful. Beautiful. Quiet. Gorgeous.

Awesome. Fabulous. Serene.

These are the words that often describe passengers' reactions to their hot air ballooning experience. And, after your flight, I'm sure you will have some feelings to add.

Often referred to as a "Bucket List Item," hot air ballooning is both a business and a sport. Many of the balloon festivals include some friendly competition - some sanctioned competitions. However, that lone hot air balloon you see on the horizon about 2 hours before sunset...That is what you are interested in. That is your commercial ride business with paying passengers. You can trust that they are being treated like royalty.

What's that? You are afraid of motion sickness? Don't let that stop you from becoming one with Mother Nature. I will guarantee that you will not get sick from flying in a balloon. Motion sickness is caused by turbulence - whether it's getting jostled around driving down the road or flying in an airplane. In a balloon, you will not have any of that. You will be flying with the wind, not against it. Balloons go where the wind pushes them and they don't have the ability to counter nature's force. Imagine a leaf falling from a tree - free to fly where ever the wind takes it.

Afraid of heights? The funny thing is - there are many balloon pilots that are, as well. To be honest, you may experience some unwanted sensation caused by this fear while flying...only if you look straight down over the basket. The key is to keep your eyes on the horizon. Keeping your eyes on the distant horizon will keep you from realizing how high you are traveling. Trust that you will grow more comfortable as you fly and will soon forget about your fears as you experience nature's beauty from an all new perspective.

Your adventure is just about ready to begin...

This site will serve as an introduction to hot air balloons and will prepare you for your adventure in the sky. Sit back and absorb the information that is available here. I hope you thoroughly enjoy what is before you and that you enjoy one of mother nature's most powerful force - wind.

While I will not advertise a specific hot air balloon ride business on the pages that follow, you will see that I have a biased opinion if you happen to be in the Ohio Valley region. See below.... Enjoy your flight!

About the Author:

I am what is referred to as a "Balloon-atic" - Properly defined as a person that would rather be ballooning than doing many other things.

I started crewing in 2001, helping a local private pilot, Ron Terranova, fly his balloon, a relatively small 54k cubic foot balloon. After becoming experienced with his particular system, I began traveling with Ron to several ballooning events - Louisville (KY), Bowling Green (KY), Canton (OH), among others.

I have gained additional experience by crewing for a local commercial ride business that had several passenger flights as well as advertising flights. It also included flights that dropped skydivers - these are especially difficult. I now work as a crew chief and crew trainer for Bella Balloons, a commercial ride business based in Lebanon, Ohio. We fly in and around the vicinity - all year long!

Here I am with an awesome couple after a flight. As I recall, this was a surprise anniversary gift for her - she was completely surprised and confused but loved the entire experience!