Grass-fed, ethical & nutrient dense.

Our small herd of rare breed Shetland cows are 100% pasture-fed and lovingly raised on Somerset meadows.

Good for the animals

Cattle have the amazing ability to digest grasses, herbs and wildflowers, which is essentially transformed solar energy photosynthesised by plants. By feeding them the diet that they have physiologically evolved to digest in their four stomachs, the cattle are healthier and more content. In the winter they eat preserved grass in the form of hay.

Good for your health

Beef from 100% pasture raised animals matures at a slower rate but is far more nutritious than from animals who have been fed grains, soya, brassicas and other concentrate feeds. It has a healthier ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, contains more vitamins E, B and beta-carotene, and is higher in calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Good for the land

Grazing cattle helps to increase biodiversity and improve soil health. We follow regenerative farming methods and rotate the herd onto a new area of pasture every 1 - 3 days and then we leave the grazed area to rest and recover for at least 1 month. This allows the plants to develop strong roots and in turn improves the soil biology and structure and sequesters carbon.

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