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BORCH 2022!

BORCH Camp is coming soon! Time to make sure your summer schedules are adjusted accordingly and your transportation is arranged. Here are some details and a request.

What: BORCH Camp (Band ORchestera CHoir)


Monday, August 29th, 9am-2pm

Tuesday, August 30th, 9am-2pm

Wednesday, August 31st, 9am-12pm

Where: Meadowdale High School

We'll begin each day in the main gym, and then we'll branch out into different spaces on campus.

Cost: Free!

What to bring: yourself, your positive energy, your excitement to meet new people and reconnect with friends, your focus to get back in musical shape and learn some new music.

Oh, and bring a launch on Monday and Tuesday (we'll provide pizza for lunch on Wednesday).

Here is a brief google form for you to fill out to help with our planning. Please take a minute and do it right now before you forget.

Jeff Horenstein

Robbie Rutherford

Band Teacher

(425) 431-6406

Nathan Rengstorf

Orchestra Teacher




Blank Permission Slip

Overnight Trip Medical Forms

Student ASB Contract

Parent Volunteer Forms

The new parent volunteer process is run through the district via DocuSign.

In addition to these forms, parent drivers need to provide:



Here is a link to ISF balances listed by student number (updated 1/1/22).