Robot Skills Challenge

We are excited to try a pilot venture with the rest of the MTI competition this season, the Robot Skills Challenge.

Participation is OPTIONAL and does not play into any of the MTI Judged Awards or MTI Relic Recovery Game Awards.

How does it work?

Teams will work to score as much as possible during a 2 minute "match" during tele-op. Robot Skills field is located next to the practice fields so stop by to sign up to give it a shot!

Robot Skills Challenge Rules:

  • The Robot Skills challenge is an event where individual teams can present their robot and driving skills on the field in a traditional field.
  • Each match will consist of 2 minutes of driver controlled operation. During that time, the team attempts to score the most points possible. The is no autonomous mode in the Robot Skills Challenge.
  • There is a goal to allow each team the opportunity to attempt the Robot Skills Challenge up to 3 times during the event.
  • Robot Skills Challenge is open during Practice Field operation on a separate field. Teams will have the ability to sign up for slots at the event.
  • Only one robot is on the field.
  • In the Robot Skills Challenge teams are permitted to score both red and blue game elements , all of which will be summed for their Skills Challenge Score.
  • Please note that all rules from “Game Manual Part 2” for Relic Recovery still apply to the Robot Skills Challenge, unless otherwise specified. Including starting positions, all penalties, scoring and end game timing.
  • At the beginning of each Robot Skills Match, the Robot must start fully balanced on a Balancing Stone with one glyph preloaded, as described in “Game Manual Part 2” sections 1.5.1.
    • Teams may elect to start their robot on either a red or blue balancing stone
    • Drive teams are restricted to the Alliance Station of the same color as the balancing stone that the robot starts from.