Game Rules

The Maryland Tech Invitational will be following the official rules for the Rover Ruckus challenge. This includes the allowed electronics/parts/software as outlined in the Game Manuals and Game Forum.

The noted exception is the Alliance Selection Process. We will follow a snake draft order for the MTI. Alliance selection will proceed as follows:

1st Seed Team - Picks 1st

2nd Seed Team - Picks 2nd

3rd Seed Team - Picks 3rd

4th Seed Team - Picks 4th

4th Seed Team - Picks 5th

3rd Seed Team - Picks 6th

2nd Seed Team - Picks 7th

1st Seed Team - Picks 8th

As always, all participants and volunteers are expected to demonstrate the values of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition throughout the event.