Maryland Interpreter Licensure

UPDATE as of Jan 22, 2019


Video description: Stephanie Summers is giving an update about Maryland sign language interpreting licensure bill.

The video opens with Stephanie, a brunette woman with eyeglasses and wears a brown blazer with a red shirt underneath. She is sitting in a room, with white doors and off-white/tan walls in the background.

She signs in ASL:

“Hello, I am giving an update. We have talked with several stakeholders to collect their input on a draft of the bill. A framework of the bill had been explained to all. Now, what we currently have in the draft will be submitted to legislators. We are still working on identifying a sponsor for this bill-- a sponsor being either a state delegate or state senator. Please take time to read the draft bill on the website, however you have to understand that the bill is not the final draft— it will receive a few more edits when a sponsor signs on this bill.”

The video ends.

Maryland Sign Language Interpreter Act: Draft Bill

Maryland State Sign Language Interpreter Act - 2020 Version 1a.DRAFTstamp.pdf