The key to keeping your Lions club healthy and strong is meaningful service that will keep members satisfied and involved. Use the resources below to create a Lions club experience your members will want to tell their family and friends about!

Step 1 - Keep Your Club on Track

Pick one or more of the following programs to help your club stay on or get on track. Service oriented strong clubs attract and retain new members.

MD19 Council Chair John Kirry encourages you to retain your current members with the use of the Lion Journey Program.

How do you design a meeting that appeals to members and prospective members who want to make a difference in their community, but have little time to commit? And how do you create a club atmosphere that is positive and inviting? Try Your Club, Your Way!

The most effective Lions clubs regularly identify ways to expand their service impact, develop leaders and meet club members’ needs and expectations. Like any worthwhile project, it is important to develop and implement a plan, or “blueprint,” to guide your actions.

Step 2 - Recruit New Members

Choose the "Just Ask! New Member Recruiting Guide" or the tried and true MD19 "A Lions Club Open House." Either will guide your membership efforts.

Just Ask! New Member Recruiting Guide (Click Here to Download)

This new member recruiting booklet is designed to guide your club through the process of recruiting new members and effectively manage club growth.

Clubs in MD19, who have used these guidelines, have always successfully recruited new members. The program works! The first step involves a commitment by the entire club that new members are needed and that the existing members are willing to make a significant effort to gain those new members.

LCI has a remarkably good new Global Membership Team Toolbox with a great Membership Growth Event Toolbox . Check them out!

Step 3 - Highlight Your Club with a Video

A video is a great way to highlight the good work your club is doing and inspire more people to join you.

Here's an example of a video that was made for the Asotin Lions Club:

And here's an example of a video made for the North Kamloops, BC Lions Club:

If you'd like to have a video made for your club, just contact your District GMT (they'll know how to do it). Or, if your District GMT is unavailable, just email