Lets Work Together to Create a New Club in All Nine of MD19's Districts

Is your District ready to get started?

Step 1: Preliminary Work

  • Find and interview 4 or 5 people in the community or area you target to determine the needs of your community. (See page 3 of the Community Needs Assessment.)
  • Train a new Guiding Lion through local classes or online with Lions Club International. (See the Certified Guiding Lion Program)

Note: If you are utilizing an LCI New Club Consultant you need to be planning as much as a year ahead. Ideally, use both LCI and MD19 GAT Resources. (Only your District Governor or District GMT can make the request for an LCI New Club Consultant.) Should you be utilizing only the MD19 GAT Initiative Team, then planning at least three months out is advisable.

Step 2: Get the New Club Going

  • Read the 2019 MD19 GAT Initiative (2 pages)
  • Promote the New Club to the Community:
  • Utilize the MD19 GAT Team to train your local extension members and execute the sample daily plan in the run-up to the Organizational Meeting and the subsequent Officer Training Session.
  • Hold the Informational meeting.
  • Signup your first Charter Members.
  • Begin to canvas the community.
  • Work leads generated at the informational meeting.
  • Do another news release and another $25 Facebook Boost advertising the Organizational Meeting.
  • Hold the Organizational Meeting:
      • Orient Charter Members to Lionism
      • Elect Club Officers
  • Train the new Officers.

Step 3: Plan a Great Charter Night

  • Immediately set a date for the Charter night and continue to enroll new Charter Members.
  • Read and use the Celebrating the New Club Charter Night Guide.
  • Conduct the Charter night and raise money for the new club’s Administration Account.

MD19 Council Chair John Kirry encourages you to develop your new members and retain your current members with the use of the Lions Journey Program.

To create a New Club in your District, contact a member of the MD19 GAT Team

MD19 GMT Lioncrystalwalk@gmail.com ,

MD19 GLT Lionwandac@gmail.com ,

MD19 GST Liondavidwalk@gmail.com or

MD19 GAT Council Chair John Kirry at lionjk@comcast.com

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