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Lead Paint Supervisor

Lead Paint Supervisor

Lead Paint Removal in Baltimore consists of Site Preparation, Lead Paint Stabilization, Scraping, Applying Lead Paint Film Stabilizer, Lead Dust Enclosure, Encapsulation, Adding Replacement Windows, Removing old wood windows, Remaking Custom wood windows, Window Wrapping, Adding interim controls, Removing and Installing new Window components including Casing, Sash, and Sills, Chemical Stripping of Lead Paint substrates, Properly shipping lead hazardous waste, HEPA Vacuum and delivering to hazardous waste dump, only to be performed by Lead Paint Abatement Supervisors.

Non Lead Paint Accredited Firm Fines are up to $27,000 for not being certified.


This will be stated on contract documents all materials will have to move out or covered of home we are not responsible for any poisoning after Lead Paint Dust Clearance tests by a certified Lead Paint Inspector.

Process of lead removal

Hire a Lead Supervisor #14851

If you have tenants, place them in a Hotel or other living arrangement and sign forms that they received renovation packet or book or PDF file Renovation Right. (We recommend you pay them to stay at a family member's home that has a certification)

After inspection from a Lead Paint Technician the Lead Paint Supervisor receives the report from you or the Home Inspector for areas that need lead removal.

Next, the owner and the Contractor will agree on plan to remove or stabilize the toxic lead components and substrates.

Now the contractor will proceed with containment of the Home placing Lead Paint signs, 6-mil plastic and closing off HVAC, Cabinets and doorways of tenant’s belongings and removing the hazard or stabilizing to reduce the lead content in the home.

Lastly, Re-Inspection from contractor will clear the property as being lead free with the XRF gun documenting and scanning all positives as negative also performing a Lead Paint Dust Wipe Inspection, if licensed to do so.

Lead Removal Supervisor issues Original copies of Supervisor's Statement of Work form to the owner to give to the inspector to incorporate into the 330 Certificate packet.

Lead Technician Inspectors #15319

The first process of removing a lead paint substrate from a home is to have it XRF inspected from a Licensed Lead Paint Inspection Technician that will give the Property Owner or Property Manager a lead report stating the levels toxic lead paint dust.

The Lead Paint XRF report should read Positive or negative with the area of the substrate tested with A being the north wall of the Room.

After Supervisor finishes the Toxic Lead Containment, Demolition and Debris removal the Lead Paint Inspector has to re-inspect the property making sure negatives and positive are still affect or have been removed or reduced to under regulated levels.

LEad PAint REgulation

Law prohibits any kind chipping, cracking or peeling paint in any rental property before renting the property to a tenant. All deteriorated paint need to be stabilized with a Lead Paint Film Stabilization.

Lead paint inspector Contractor

Maryland Paint Supervisor, #14851

(Removal Abatement)

Maryland Paint Visual Inspector, #14989

(Dust inspection)

Maryland Paint Inspector Technician, #15319

(Substrate inspection)

How to fail a lead inspection