Cruising 2020

The Cruise Committee is committed to providing opportunities for everyone in the club to take part in events on the water throughout the summer. We realize that cruising means different things to each of us. It is often a combination of the sailing, the socializing, large club events, and new places or experiences. We all have different boats, capabilities, and confidence levels. With that in mind, the 2020 cruise program is geared towards maximizing club participation. Learn more about this at the Cruise Meeting in January.

Memorial Day Cruise to Saugatuck (May 23-25)

Commissioning Raft-Up (June 6 - Rain Date June 7)

Port Washington and Liberty Landing (June 11 - 14) - Options to be discussed

Oyster Bay (July 3,4-5)

Summer Cruise (July 18 - 26) - Narragansett Bay

Tumbleweed Cruise (August 14, 15 - 16)

Dinghy Poker Run (September 5) - Music Festival

Port Jefferson Dragon Boat Race Festival (September 18, 19-20)

All cruises are for Masthead Cove Yacht Club members only.

To learn more and signup to become a member, please visit our website