Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center

of Howard County

We provide widely accessible and affordable conflict resolution services and education that help all members of the community manage conflict and have conversations in a meaningful, proactive way.


Mediation is a voluntary and confidential conflict resolution process in which a two professionally trained neutral mediators facilitate conversations among participants to help them find a lasting, mutually-agreeable solution to conflict.

Mediation lets people speak for themselves and make their own decisions as they work toward resolving conflicts, repairing relationships, redressing harm, and rebuilding communities.


We provide affordable, accessible conflict resolution solutions for families, neighbors, schools, community groups, businesses, organizations, and individuals who live or work in Howard County.

We partner with government and community agencies to provide community mediation, school-based conflict resolution, juvenile diversion through restorative practice, prisoner re-entry mediation, and group facilitation.


We promote and provide education, professional development, and training on conflict resolution techniques and theory for our volunteer mediators, partners, and the Howard County community.

Each of our highly-trained volunteer mediators completes, at a minimum, a 40-hour basic mediation course required by Maryland Rules. Annual ethics training and membership in Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence is also required.

Job Alert: Full-time Program Manager. We're looking for someone who understands the workings of a small non-profit conflict resolution center. The program manager will be responsible for all aspects of the mediation and juvenile restorative justice programs offered at MCRC. If this sounds like your ideal position email us at and we will forward a complete job description. Please note that we are not accepting phone inquiries about this position.

MCRC 2017 Humanitarian Volunteer Team of the Year

Since 1975, the Association of Community Services of Howard County has recognized volunteers in our community that "go above and beyond all expectations" in their service to the community. On April 5, 2017, MCRC was awarded the Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Award for Volunteer Team of the Year in recognition of our volunteers' devotion of time and energy to our community. Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters, MCRC is now an award-winning community resource!


After 20 years as a program office within Howard Community College's Office of Academic Affairs, in March 2017, MCRC transformed into an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering mediation and conflict resolution services, education and training to residents, workers, organizations, businesses and communities in and around Howard County, Maryland.

Please explore our website and learn about who we are, what we do, and how YOU can join us as a client or volunteer.


Effective June 1, 2017, MCRC offices will relocate to the new Howard County NonProfit Center located at 9770 Patuxent Woods Drive, Columbia Maryland 21046

443-518-7693 | 9770 Patuxent Woods Drive Building #100 Columbia, Maryland 21046 |