CHS Personalized PD

Experience is the teacher of all things.

~ Julius Caesar

Earn CEUs by incorporating something you learn into your classroom!

-Do you want to use a new digital tool with your class?

-Do you want to introduce students to a new literacy device?

-Do you want to learn about how to motivate your students?

The choice is yours!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a learning path/area of interest
  2. Create a lesson/activity to use in your classroom that incorporates what you have learned
  3. Complete the SD-1 and survey




Earn an additional .1 CEU by doing any of the following:

-Work with a cohort or specialist to plan/revise your lesson

-Co-teach with a cohort or specialist

-Invite a teacher to observe the lesson and then share the experience in a PLC

-Record and post the lesson to our shared PD digital file for teachers to view

Learning is most effective when it is personalized and relevant. This is the case for both student learning and for professional development.

Learning Paths

Click on an area of interest below to get to the learning path:


  1. Complete this SD-1 form and have it signed by an administrator.
  2. Fill out this Survey and attach any needed documentation in order to receive CEU credits.

For Reference

Carteret County Renewal Credits Procedures

CCPS Professional Development Forms