Mindfulness for Children (and their grownups)

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Mindfulness Podcasts

Excerpted from "Kidcasts: Being Mindful in the New Year," School Library Journal, Feb. 2021

Be Calm on Ahway Island

Be Calm on Ahway Island - "Chain Reaction"

"Kids will be either relaxed or asleep after listening."


KidEvolve: Imaginarium

Pain Management episode

(ages 6+)

Like You: Mindfulness for Kids

"Blame it on Blurghsday"

(ages 7-10)

Peace Out

Human Beings Being Human

From SEL teacher and yoga instructor, this episode focuses on "how to give your brain a break from constant streams of thoughts." (ages 7-10)

Wow in the World

Back to School: Recess 101

This episode talks about feeling restless, and how recess and physical exercise can help them recharge. (ages 7-12)