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Literacy Games and Websites

Here are some fun and motivating online literacy games that will help promote good reading skills, encourage interest in books, and--best of all--are fun for kids and parents to check out.

  • Guys Read – A phenomenal web-based literacy program for boys, with a mission to “help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.” Designed and presented by award-winning author Jon Sczieska, this is a wonderful collection of books and authors boys love. If you are looking for ideas as to what will get your son to read, this is the place!!
  • Read Kiddo Read is a fantastic online resource by best-selling children’s author James Patterson (the Maximum Ride series, etc.) that is meant to “sell kids on reading.” Find gripping book suggestions for kids of all ages, genres, reading and interest levels. Also provides tips and helpful “secrets” about children’s books from teachers, librarians, and other authors.
  • Professor Garfield – Place funny panels in a comic strip in logical sequence order; then answer three critical thinking, ELA style questions about content and meaning. Great fun; great practice! Explore the site for all kinds of fun games and sites, including Mrs. P, which brings the classics of literature alive in a fun way that piques kids’ interest, and allows for selection by age and genre; kb kids, which has some great nonfiction passages, and ToonBook Reader, which offers simple graphic stories (in several languages!) that are terrific motivation for the visual/auditory learner. Try the Reading Ring for sequencing and inferencing games.
  • Funbrain - Reading Brain – Fun games where students create funny stories by practicing using words in context and using parts of speech in logical sentences and storylines. (general site also has much to offer!)
  • ToonDoo – Billed as “the fastest way to create cartoons.” Here kids can design cartoon strips about what they’ve read, forcing them to identify such things as main idea, supporting detail, sequence, character traits, cause and effect, etc. Great practice and fun, too!
  • Ultimate Guide to Reading Comprehension – A list of resources designed for English Language learners, and to help encourage good reading comprehension practices.
  • You AreWhat You Read – A social networking site centered around books, celebrating the “great reads of our lives,” and invites kids, parents, teachers, and even celebrities to discuss the top five books that have influenced them most. It’s a chance for kids to talk in detail about the books they love, recommend them to others, and discover new titles to try. Parent resources include valuable how-to tips on creating a home library; being an effective reading role model; and using books as a helpful tool for communicating with your child as he/she enters the teen years.
  • Book Adventure’s Book Finder – helps kids find books they’d really be interested in reading by genre and grade level. Has a parent’s section with great resources to encourage learning and links to even more quality literacy sites. Here you can also take online quizzes about the book after you’ve read it, providing more practice with key reading comprehension skills.
  • Book Hive - Comprehensive website for children from birth – 12, this site provides hundreds of recommended book reviews in a variety of reading levels and interest areas.
  • Reading Rockets – "Our goal is to bring the reading research to life — to spread the word about reading instruction and to present "what works" in a way that parents and educators can understand and use."
  • New York Public Library – (be sure your child has a NYPL Library Card)
  • Reading is Fundamental – The RIF website includes great resources and tips to "help children achieve their full potential through the life-changing power of literacy"

Tips on Getting Your Child to Read

  • America Reads Action Steps – Practical tips on what you can do to spark your child’s interest in reading.
  • Literacy Connections – This page, dedicated to parents, provides tips on how to promote literacy and a love of reading at home.

For Additional Sites, visit:

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