Welcome to McKinley HS JROTC



A warm welcome to the returning and new cadets of Mckinley High School Tiger Battalion! During the summer, your staff worked hard to improve the website and made it easier for you to find the information you need. Please familiarize yourself with this website to help aid you this school year.


-C/LTC Rachel Williams



1/8/19: First Day Of The Quarter1/10/19: Odd Uniform1/11/19: Period 5 Cleanup1/17/19: Even Uniform1/18/19: Period 6 Cleanup1/19/19: West Point Drill Meet1/21/19: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School) 1/25/19: Assembly (Modified Odds Schedule)1/26/19: Ala Moana Beach Cleanup 1/30/19: Drill2/1/19: Period 3 Cleanup2/2/19: West Side Cleanup2/6/19: Drill2/7/19: Even Uniform2/8/19: Period 4 Cleanup2/9/19: Saint Louis Raider Challenge2/11/19: Teacher Institute Day (No School)2/13/19: Odd Uniform2/15/19: Period 5 Cleanup/ Parking Detail2/16/19: Great Aloha Run Fitness Challenge 2/18/19: Great Aloha Run/ President's Day (No School)2/20/19: ACT Testing2/22/19: Period 6 Cleanup2/22/19 - 2/23/19: Warrior Recon Raider Challenge3/1/19: Period 1 Cleanup3/2/19: Menehune Raider Challenge3/4/19: Odd Uniform3/5/19: Even Uniform3/6/19: Drill3/8/19: Period 3 Cleanup3/15/19: Period 4 Cleanup3/18/19 - 3/22/18: JCLC3/26/19: Kuhio Day (No School)3/29/19: Period 5 Cleanup