Distance Learning

Welcome to our virtual art space for McKinley Elementary students! We miss seeing all of our Cardinals, but hope that these resources will bring you joy through art while at home. Keep exploring, creating, tinkering, thinking, refining, and reflecting!

From your art teachers,

Mrs. Simmerman + Mrs. Mautawalli

*All arts activities and projects can be differentiated to meet the needs of all elementary school students, and are optional to complete.*

Have fun!

Find your

Creative Voice

Discover art movements: Art Deco, Impressionism, Classicism, Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Realism, Op Art, Naturalism, Pop Art, Surrealism, Color Field, Symbolism...

Make your Mark

Explore a variety of media: paint, collage, marker, pencil, chalk, photography, charcoal, clay, yarn, fabric, found object...

Mary Cassatt's actual chalk pastels

(seen at NGA!!)

Extend your artwork by creating an artist statement. An artist statement describes what the artwork means to the artist or is a written description of the artwork.

You may also want to become an author and illustrator of your own story.

Cartooning is an expressive way to combine writing and drawing.

Both artists and authors use "editing" to create their final product. It is a good idea to review what you have created to see if you want to add or rework what you have developed.

Create your

own cartoon

or comic

Use 'text' or lettering to gain impact

Create your own

"Pop Art"

Roy Lichtenstein is well known for his large 'comic' paintings both of well known cartoon characters and stylistic figures.

Share your creativity

Make art for

friends and family

If you are missing some of your friends and family; how about creating artwork for them! You can send a picture of the artwork through text or email, or send the artwork through the mail.

Use a variety of mediums; collage, paint, marker, or chalk together.

Up-Cycle Art

Re-use paper bags

Containers can be adorned with yarn or paint. Painting or drawings can be created on either side of the bags.

re-Use bottles or cans to create sculpture

Re-use cans to create a garden

Take a virtual tour of McKinley student artwork featured at the Rare Bird Coffee Shop. Congratulations to all of our artists! Sadly,The Rare Bird Coffee shop is currently closed to in-store purchases. We hope to continue the display, and update you with new dates to view the artwork if possible.

painting on bark paper: third grade

Some of the


on exhibit at Rarebird Coffee Shop

styrofoam print: first grade

metal repousse': fifth grade

mixed media: fifth grade



mixed media: third grade

Large Flower Paintings

by Kindergarten

scratch art design

fifth grade

mixed media

third grade

styrofoam print

first grade

pencil, watercolor, & watercolor pencil

fifth grade

Alma Thomas is a favorite

of both of ours!

Bob Ross

An American painter and instructor. Ross had his own television show between 1983 - 1994. He was very popular at the time, and is much like the instruction you find on YouTube today. You can also find Bob Ross videos on YouTube. He is still quite popular today!

Bob Ross's images reflect his happiness and joy that you see in his instruction and personality. Ross is known for "happy trees" and "happy little clouds".

  • How is your personality reflected in your artwork?

  • Do you see humor, calmness, or parts of yourself reflected in the artwork you create?

  • Do you enjoy taking pictures of nature, painting and drawing outside, do you enjoy sports, baking, drawing pictures of creatures, creating patterns, what parts of your personality are reflected in your own artwork?

Ms. Simmerman and Ms. Mautawalli love Bob Ross! Ms. Simmerman dressed up as Bob Ross, and Ms. Mautawalli dressed up as a "happy tree" for Halloween one year because we enjoy Ross' instruction so much!

Nature in art

Nature is a great source of inspiration for many artists. You can observe and document plants and animals in your home or outside. Either photographing or drawing objects you see and observe in nature can be a great source of brilliance. Maria Sibylla Merian is very well known for documenting insects and plants. Merian was one of the first scientific illustrators to observe insects directly. She created beautiful images that were both scientific and true works of art.

Make a mobile!

Mobiles are so much fun! You can use objects you would find in your recycling bin like twist-ties, lids, and cardboard. You can also use model magic, air dry clay, easy to twist wire, yarn, and many other fun things you might have around your house or in an art area!