McKenna Troast

My name is McKenna Troast, I am now nearly done with my senior year of high school and my third year as a homeschooled student. I have been self-taught almost the whole time I’ve been out of school, but now I am fully self-taught and self-motivated and just doing my own thing. Being out of a school has opened me up to a whole other world of opportunities, but has also left me with significantly less resources, like all those offered by a school art department. While I still spent most of my time drawing in my sketchbooks, that lack of materials and lessons in art left me temporarily unaware of all the possibilities of art over the last few years. Now, with access to everything, I have greatly increased my art production and exploration. When I started high school, at Baxter Academy, I took a couple art classes, like analogue photography, graphic design and observational drawing; when I left, I took a few continuing arts classes at MECA and I have also taken some pottery and other similar classes. I really found my love for art in my years out of school and that love has just grown, especially in the use of paper and classic pen and pencil. This past summer I attended a four-week illustration program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and fell even deeper into the art world. Since then; in classes with Mrs. Medsker at FHS and personal studies, I have watched myself progress faster than I ever thought possible. My love for art will never die and I look forward to my life in the industry following my (much needed) years in art school.