Advanced Studio Art Final

miffed june 2017

blind contour june 2017

blended june 2017

cherry tree may 2017

lounger may 2017

complex may 2017

moody may 2017

wizard may 2017

punkster dec 2016 & may 2017

double may 2017

cherry gang april 2017

grass april 2017

character portraits april 2017

summer goon

uncomfortable wanderer

rainy boy

shroom nymph





moon friend april 2017

molded fiber observation april 2017

blind self april 2017

bark & bone march 2017

expressionistic self march 2017

gelatin prints march 2017

worm winter 2017

paper face february 2017

flower child february 2017

alien chick february 2017

dead circus february 2017


My overall experience in this advanced studio art class was very good! I loved learning from Mrs. Medsker, as well as the other kids in the class. It has definitely helped rebuild my artistic confidence and has led me to a state of constant creation and exploration. Although, I definitely struggled in the first few weeks to begin the creative process, possibly due to my unfamiliarity of the high school art world or my unawareness of the possibilities that became suddenly available to me. A month or two into the class, I had (almost) back-to-back deadlines, the first for a summer art program application, the second for a AP art exam, and the third being our final class show. Now, being without an art class for two years and not knowing where to begin in the new class, left me with a pretty empty portfolio, so I had to rush to create a whole heap of art for each deadline, which at the time made art seem unenjoyable and forced. But at the end of those few weeks, I had a firm grasp on how to create artwork without stress or too much seriousness. And by the end, I had a giant pile of artwork in my own style, in all different mediums, sizes and varieties. Watching my portfolio grow like that and seeing my concentration and personal style develop and expand, has been really crazy and cool and has just sparked my artistic motivation. My interest in pursuing art has just greatly deepened since beginning this class and I’m really excited to take a few more art classes with Mrs. Medsker next year.