Our first 3D design project was a representational paper sculpture symbolizing each of our first semesters of school. Since I have to deal with two different schools and many looming college applications at the moment, the start to this year has been very stressful. Whenever I am asked to represent something; whether directly representational or abstract; especially emotion; my first thought is always to just create a person with that exaggerated expression on their face, but that was a little too easy for this piece so I went the symbolic route. When trying to find a ‘stressful’ object or image to create, the first thing that came to mind was a shattered glass, spilling its contents. I thought this would be a really cool thing to try and recreate as a 3-dimensional paper sculpture so I went with my first thought. I used only paper and Mod Podge to create the piece, starting with a base and adding ripped scraps and finalizing with long, thin strips of paper to give a less hectic sense; and to satisfy my love of stripes; but keeping the original, scrappy pattern in the spill to give some variety. I’m sure a better symbol for stress would’ve come from more brainstorming, but even so I am pleased with the outcome and the process that I chose.