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McFarland Lioness Club History

In April of 1977, the McFarland Lions Club decided they would like to sponsor a Lioness Club. Invitations were sent to all the Lions' wives and an article placed in the paper. The women attending voted to organize a club with the help of Lion Glen Witthuhn, Lioness Liaison Chairman from the Lions Club. A charter was applied for and, the first meeting of the McFarland Lioness Club was held September 12, 1977 at Conrad's Supper Club.

The Charter with a roster of 47 members was presented to the Lioness Club President, Alice Beyer, by Lions Club Zone Chairman, Lion William Stone at a Recognition Night Dinner Program held at Quality Inn in Madison, November 4, 1977.

A person who is sponsored by a member and approved by the Club Board of Directors, pays the required dues of $20 per year and an initiation fee of $5.

Charter Information

Chartered: November 14, 1977

Sponsor: McFarland Lions Club

Lioness Motto: We Serve Together

2019-2020 Club Officers

The election of new officers is held at the March meeting with the installation of officers taking place at the June meeting. The Board of Directors consists of a President, Past President, first and second Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Skirt Twister, three Directors and the Immediate Past President. The Board is responsible for the execution of club business, approves all policy and authorizes all expenditures.

  • President - Laura Bauer
  • 1st Vice President - Teri Elliot
  • 2nd Vice President - Sue Tueke
  • Secretary - Ann Riegert
  • Treasurer - Jessica Schwedrsky
  • Skirt Twister - Laurie Downs
  • 1-Year Director - Sue Bauer
  • 1-Year Director - Sue Entwistle
  • 2-Year Director - Roberta mecum
  • Membership Director - Colleen McCormick
  • Past President - Sandy Hall
  • Lioness Liaisons - Lion/Lioness Cinda Schwedrsky

Code of Ethics

To aid my fellow men

By giving my sympathy to those in distress

My aid to the weak, and

My substance to the needy

Our Colors:

Purple - Loyalty

Gold - Sincerity


(To the tune of “Wabash Cannonball”)

We gather here together to share our common goal ~ To help those with poor eyesight with all our heart and soul

Others' needs may come our way, it's hard to meet them all ~ But we're Lioness, yes Lioness, and that is what we're called

The friends we've made have just been great, they're nothing but top-rate ~ Let's all be proud of the things we've done, come let us celebrate

We may not roar but we really soar when good things must be done ~ We work together very well and still have lots of fun

We're loyal to all those we serve, sincerity's our goal ~ And don't forget our colors are that pretty purple and gold

McFarland (Insert your own hometown) is our great hometown, we'll team up with the rest ~ We'll work with all the other clubs to make us all the best

This is our little song we sing to help you understand ~ That we'll be right there anytime to lend a helping hand

Let's give each one a big high five and stand here very proud ~ We're Lioness, yes Lioness, let's shout it out real loud


By Joyce Wildt, February 2009

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