1. Changes in the Pre-sale#3 schedule

2. Friendship Bounty

Dear MCC Investors,

We greatly appreciate your continued support and interest in MyCreditChain.

Considering the market circumstances and internal factors, we would like to give you two important notices before the Main Sale begins.

1_Changes in the Pre-sale#3 schedule

  • Before the Main Sale begins, there have been changes in the Pre-sale#3 schedule for the following reasons.
  • MyCreditChain will be in partnership with telecommunication conglomerates in South Korea and in Africa. As of now, specific information regarding the cooperation cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality concerns. We would like to reflect this upcoming news in the ICO.
  • MyCreditChain is currently having discussions with foreign funds. We plan to make all deals by the end of the Main Sale.
  • MyCreditChain is listed and will be listed on global exchanges. Some changes in the schedule are inevitable.
  • Some major exchanges had blocked trading as part of its revised internal regulations.

Thus, schedule for the Pre-sale#3 will be extended as follows.

    • Before >

Pre-sale #3: June 1 ~ June 30, Bonus +5%, Minimum 0.2 ETH

Now >

Pre-sale #3: June 1 ~ July 20, Bonus +5%, Minimum 0.2 ETH

2_Friendship Bounty

MyCreditChain is currently holding a bounty campaign, called ‘Friendship Bounty.’ This bounty campaign is specially organized to show gratitude for those who have already participated MCC token sale.

The bounty event is for those who have already joined MCC token sale. If you are an MCC Supporter, you can receive as much as your friend invest in. It is the largest bounty event ever.

★ Friendship Bounty is a guerilla event. It can be closed early with a prior notice.

★ The tokens distributed from Friendship Bounty will be subject to lock-up.

- The tokens earned from Friendship Bounty will be allocated 3 months after the ICO is completed.

As we continue to move forward, we fully recognize that the continued trust that you place in our project is the foundation of our success. We do not take your support for granted. Our team will work tirelessly towards ensuring that we meet and exceed your expectations in a responsible way.

Thank you.

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