My Career as a Broadcast Journalist

Frank Cipola

November 14


Frank will talk about his career as a broadcast journalist and some of the people and stories he has covered along the way including the attacks on 9/11,his visits to the White House, the politicians he has bumped into along the way, and some other funny stories.

Frank Cipolla is a former radio and TV news broadcaster who has been seen and heard in and around NYC and nationally for almost 40-years. Frank began his on-air career at several small radio stations in New Jersey. In the mid 1980’s Frank was hired as the anchor for the Soupy Sales Radio Show on WNBC-AM in NYC. There he worked with ‘Imus in the Morning’ and Howard Stern often filling in on the Imus Show. Later he worked as a reporter for the NBC Radio Network before moving into local TV news - first as host of ‘Staten Island Live’ and then as the co-host of the popular ‘Morning Edition’ on News 12 New Jersey. In 2001 he moved over to WWOR-TV Channel 9 in NYC where he worked as a reporter and anchor. Frank most recently was heard on the Wall Street Journal Radio Network. He now works part time as an anchor and investigative reporter at Fox 4 News in Fort Myers and heads up his media coaching and guest placement company Contacts Media. He is also the author of “It Shocked Even Us” a look at all the funny behind the scenes stories from his many years in radio and TV.