The Men’s Cultural Alliance (MCA) is an affinity group of the male members of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples (JFGN), whose purpose is to create friendship and camaraderie among its members by attending and participating in social, intellectual, sporting & athletic activities.

Now in its sixth year of existence, over 600 men have joined the group and participate in a wide array of activities ranging from monthly luncheon meetings to recreational sporting activities, to study and educational groups.

Membership in the MCA makes each man an official member of the JFGN.

All paid members of the MCA are eligible to join any program. It is necessary, however, to sign up for each program. Many groups are limited in the number of participants in order to allow each member the best possible experience.

We actively seek and welcome new members and encourage their input in organizing new activities and in participating in our exciting programs.

For information about becoming a member of the MCA or to receive the weekly eBlast, send a note to