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McAfee Antivirus is a total protection software that you only need for you computer or PC. McAfee Total Protection offers a lot of features and its pricing is pretty good. Last time we looked, it was a solid choice for PC protection, but its detection chops appear to have slipped based on recent tests. We really like the improvements to McAfee’s desktop design, but the most important issue is protection. McAfee will do a pretty good job of that.

PERFORMANCE WISE Both AV-Test and AV-Comparative regularly test McAfee. AV-Test found malware and zero-day attack detection was 99.81 percent in January 2020 and 97.8 percent in February 2020, with 402 samples. Malware detection was 100 percent for both months, from more than 20,000 samples. McAfee offers a lot of features and its pricing is pretty good. Last time we looked, it was a solid choice for PC protection, We really like the improvements to McAfee’s desktop design.

McAfee Total Protection has the True Key password and identity manager, but only for five of your 10 devices, Live Safe file encryption, file shredder, and a third-party application update manager. Some of these features are extra downloads.

McAfee Total Protection, a blocker and a shredder

McAfee Total Protection has numerous functions such as a virus checking function, blocking function and so forth. But, its most passive function is its web adviser feature. When you visit a website that the program considers to be risky, it gives you a warning via the software's popup system. Moreover, it gives you search rating checks, shows any related Firewall interactions, and provides information regarding any phishing or dangerous download attacks coming from the website you visited.

The anti-virus and anti-malware functions will guard against malicious software in real time, and it allows you to run scans manually to check for viruses, malware, unwanted programs, unneeded CPU (Central Processing Unit) hungry programs, bloatware and spyware. You may also schedule scans too. If you have bio metric scanners on your device, then you may sign in with things such as face recognition and fingerprints as well as with passwords.

A fair alternative to other security programs

Despite the popularity of free virus and malware checking programs, the best ones are paid ones. Security software such as McAfee Total Protection and Norton ask for money in advance, which means their security research is well funded, and it means they have a brand and income stream to protect. Such programs are easier to trust, which is why they often win security and protection awards for the services they offer.

The tools that this McAfee Anti Virus Plus program offers are nothing new. There are plenty of other virus and malware security programs that offer similar tools. This program rises or falls based on the security it provides. It all depends upon the diligent research that the developers are doing to keep the program up to date, and therefore keep the user's devices free from malware and viruses. It is fair to say that this Total Protection software currently offers a good paid service that protects mobile and desktop devices from malware and viruses.

Pros of McAfee Total Protection

  • The virus and malware database is kept up to date by the developers

  • It has a file shredder for full and permanent erasures

  • There is a money-back guarantee if the software cannot remove your virus

  • The Firewall is a strong and modern one