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McAfee Activate : Get The Facts

If you’re a Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android user, you should have McAfee on the list of your computer’s security suite. This cybersecurity software is a legendary anti-malware package that doubles as a virus scanner. It comes in handy with a secure firewall, a password manager, real-time VPN, auto-update function, and performance optimizer for total protection.

However, the process of keeping your software secure by avoiding subsequent vulnerabilities begins at the installation level. McAfee rolled in the McAfee Activate, a feature that lets you install and activate McAfee using product keys in three simple steps.

Can You Use McAfee Activate in Multiple Devices?

Yes. Once you purchase McAfee software, you'll get a single subscription that comes along with a McAfee Activate tab; its shelf-life is primarily relative to the type of purchase you made. But before it expires, you can use the subscription on a certain number of devices, which is also relative to the type of purchase you chose.

An active subscription lets you enjoy a full or partial auto-scan for common viruses, real-time software updates, and 100% protection from the latest threats. McAfee will also scan mutating malicious threats that may not already exist in its database.

You can know an expired subscription from a pop-up message on your PC's action center located on the taskbar. On Android and iOS devices, you must head to the software menu, where you’ll see a red alert reminding you to renew your subscription. Should this happen, head over to McAfee’s website and renew your subscription from their product page.

Can A New McAfee Run on a Device with a Previous Version?

No. An array of frustrations may come your way when you try to download and install the antivirus, especially if there’s a step you’re trying to bypass. The whole installation process is end-to-end. To make it a breeze, make sure to first read the installation guide from the product page before you begin.

Well, one of the common errors you will likely meet is your device failing to accept the version you want to install.

Should this happen, check if there’s a previous security software running and remove or uninstall it. Then, re-run the new version you’ve downloaded. The whole process will successfully run to completion.

McAfee Activate Is Not Compatible With All Devices

McAfee Activate has a range of system requirements that determine whether your device is compatible or not. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

● Because the auto-update occurs regularly, you need to check that your system software is updated to avoid forcing McAfee Activate on an outdated environment.

● Your Windows 7 professional may not work well with the latest series of McAfee. Most recent versions of McAfee Activate only accept Windows 8 and above and MAC OS 10.15 or higher versions.

● The most recent release, McAfee Agent 5.7.0, only supports macOS Sur 11.0. It also runs on Windows 8 and 10 and the latest Linux systems.

● If you see signs that your antivirus is malfunctioning, lagging, or displaying return errors such as CURLE_HTTP_RETURNED_ERROR (22), then your system is not conducive enough for installation.

● When downloading, you also need an updated browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari for the software to run on your device.

● You need an updated multi-spam toolbar for Microsoft Outlooks and Thunderbird and 2GB RAM when using a personal computer.

What should I Do When McAfee Activate Trial License Expires?

Immediately your trial license has expired, you McAfee Activate will enter a grace period. The organization’s license center will send you a warning every day, reminding you to renew your subscription.

You'll have to visit and use a McAfee Activate product code or key to continue enjoying their services. It’s worth your attention to note that removing your trial license will do your computer more harm than favor. It will cause your system to lag and even malfunction. Additionally, you will not get auto-updates, making the system vulnerable to advanced threats that are detrimental to your device.

Redeem Your Subscription on McAfee's Product Page

You can find any McAfee product from their product page. But when it comes to purchasing the codes, the company works with retailers across the globe to make the process effortless and speedy.

Once you have purchased the code, go to McAfee Activate the page, and search for the “redeem key” function. Insert the codes from your retailer site and your subscription will auto-renew. Or, you will get an activation code if you are installing the software for the first time.


McAfee Activate is an exemplary way to install and jumpstart your new software. It is intuitive with support features you need to run the antivirus in less than half an hour. We hope these facts are an eye-opener.