A collective of staff at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago demanding accountability and action to uproot white supremacy and racial injustice at the MCA.

Our Collective Letter to the Pritzker Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

July 16, 2020

To Madeleine Grynsztejn, Pritzker Director at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago,

We write to you publicly out of concern for the lack of meaningful action and accountability in the MCA’s practices to uproot white supremacy and end racial injustice within the institution. This concern follows an ongoing series of calls from full- and part-time staff, the Teen Creative Agency, artists, volunteers, and the public to address the racism ingrained in the MCA’s business and labor practices.[1] The MCA relies heavily on its public image as a diverse community hub and has released PR statements standing “in solidarity with Black communities and protesters in denouncing racial injustice.” [2] However, recent actions taken—and not taken—by leadership have made clear that the MCA’s stated “solidarity” and promises toward the ongoing work of addressing racial inequality are self-serving acts of performative allyship rather than a commitment to meaningful change.

Most urgently, we write to you out of concern for the MCA’s “friends and family” opening on July 17, and public reopening on July 24. We feel it is dangerous, irresponsible, ableist, and racist to reopen the museum to the public in the midst of increasing COVID-19 cases, with only surface-level regard for the health and safety of front-facing staff in light of the ongoing pandemic. Many of the BIPOC people employed by the MCA work in part-time and front-facing roles in departments like Visitor Experience (VE), Retail Experience (RE), and Facilities—as well as employees in Housekeeping contracted from BMS Janitorial Services, Security contracted from Securitas, and employees in the Marisol restaurant managed privately by Culinare. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities the hardest, both locally and nationally—a racist outcome effectuated by policies exactly like those the MCA is practicing. With the reopening, it is precisely these workers, in these predominantly BIPOC departments, who will be required to work on-site in public-facing roles in order to financially support themselves, while full-time and part-time workers in other departments continue to be encouraged to work safely from home, including the museum’s largely white “leadership.” This is significantly more cruel considering the MCA bars part-time workers from company healthcare benefits and offers them no paid time off beyond government-mandated accrued Cook County Earned Sick Leave. Additionally, many of these front-facing staff have long commutes via public transit from the city’s South and West sides, geographic areas and modes of transportation heavily affected by COVID-19. Effectively forcing these staff to work on-site in visitor-facing roles risks their own further exposure, the health and safety of their neighbors in predominantly Black and Brown communities, and that of museum visitors. For the MCA to reopen without first doing significant internal work to address and rectify racial inequities and uproot white supremacy within the institution demonstrates a lack of true commitment to the MCA’s anti-racist promises—and also a deep lack of understanding about what racism is.

The MCA has asked how we feel about returning, but leadership continues to not listen. Staff recently voiced fears about the reopening in surveys, meetings, and other private and direct communications: 50% of MCA staff who responded to HR’s Re-Entry Survey said they were not comfortable returning to work, with another 13% expressing uncertainty. [3] Why was this survey created if our collective concern about safety was to be completely dismissed?

VE workers asked to be furloughed or temporarily laid off until they felt safe returning to work, and their requests were denied. Managers threatened that if VE workers did not attend reopening trainings (or provide communication about why they could not attend 24 hours before a training), the museum would consider it a “voluntary resignation”—a coercive move making these workers ineligible to receive unemployment benefits in a time when those benefits would amount to a greater and more consistent form of income than the MCA is willing to provide. The MCA received a loan in April as part of the COVID-19 stimulus Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which in part enabled them to continue paying part-time workers a capped number of hours through June 30, the end of their fiscal year. We speculate that if they were to lay off employees, the MCA could risk reducing the amount of the PPP loan that may be forgiven.[4] Now, in the new fiscal year, the MCA is betraying part-time employees by asking them to travel in dangerous conditions to work sparse hours without hazard pay, and without health benefits should they contract COVID-19. Leadership states that the decision to reopen is not a financially motivated one, but is instead mission-driven. Despite all the work put into making contemporary art and programming accessible virtually over the past several months, they have decided in-person access to artworks is more imperative to their mission than the health and safety of employees and by extension the museum’s visitors. We are left wondering: What are Black lives worth to the MCA?

There is remote work that can be done that is reflective of part-time staff’s myriad talents. As one small example, during the museum’s closure, VE and RE staff have contributed thousands of new image descriptions to the MCA’s Coyote artwork description database and have transcribed audio from dozens of documented MCA events—both important and previously unprioritized efforts to make the MCA’s artworks and programs more accessible to all.

While the MCA boasts internally that layoffs were avoided, it is evident in other ways that the institution views its VE and other part-time staff as expendable, worth sacrificing for the sake of generating revenue and retaining “relevance.” As the museum moves forward with its reopening plan, part-time VE workers are being scheduled for even more precarious and inconsistent hours, ranging from 4 to 16 hours a week, at just $15 per hour—a wage that VE workers had been fighting for for several years and only just won last summer. [5] Prior to summer 2019, the MCA paid part-time VE workers, as well as some part-time and full-time temporary employees in other departments, in the range of $12–$14.50 per hour. We cannot possibly subsist off of these wages, much less thrive. The MCA positions itself as a progressive institution, championing “inclusion, diversity, equity, and access,” but this translates to mere lip service for their employees in the absence of financially sustainable employment.

When asked if the MCA would consider providing hazard pay for hours worked on-site, leadership responded with a “no.” They stated that since they had not been paying “essential operations employees” hazard pay for work on-site from March to the present (egregious in its own right), they could not implement hazard pay for front-facing staff now without having to back-pay those employees. When asked if the MCA would offer transportation assistance, such as free ride-shares or free parking to front-facing employees, leadership stated they were not responsible for employees outside of work hours, including how employees get to work. According to the MCA’s “COVID-19 Employee Responsibilities Policy,” employees are required to disclose any potential exposure to COVID-19 to Human Resources and are not permitted to come to work (and thus not guaranteed pay) for an unspecified amount of time after potential exposure until authorized to do so by Human Resources. Employees are deemed responsible to the institution for their activities outside of work, but the MCA is not responsible to its employees.

Part-time, front-facing staff make all other work at the museum possible—in fact, the museum cannot be opened to the public without these essential workers! Yet their expertise, knowledge, and personal wellbeing are evidently deemed disposable by leadership. As the literal faces of the MCA to the public, BIPOC part-time staff are both implicitly and explicitly tokenized and exploited as representatives of the museum’s diversity, called upon to educate the salaried white museum leadership while being siloed into the lowest paying and least sustainable jobs. How can the MCA claim to be working toward anti-racism and equity while these remain its employment practices?

In light of these offenses and inequities, we demand that the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago immediately make the changes outlined below.

  1. We demand the MCA remain closed to the public in light of the continued risks to staff and visitors posed by the increasing COVID-19 case rate.

    • We demand that no workers are coerced into returning before they are ready or forced out through “voluntary resignation.”

    • We demand that any workers who have already been forced into “voluntary resignation” be offered their job back, with the additional offer of paid remote work.

    • We demand public transparency in the form of demographically specific (but personally de-identified) data reflecting anyone who has been or is laid off, forced into “voluntary resignation,” or actually voluntarily resigns because of concerns around re-opening.

  2. We demand that the MCA reopen only when current front-facing staff unanimously feel safe returning to work on-site, and are then financially supported should their roles at the MCA result in illness or hospitalization.

  3. Until that time, we demand the MCA continue to pay part-time workers at a guaranteed pay of $300 per week of remote work. We demand that this work directly address enhanced accessibility to a broader Chicago community. These accessibility projects, in line with the museum’s strategic plan, include video transcription and Coyote, an open-source image description project for which front-facing staff have written thousands of descriptions while working remotely.

We demand a commitment to the above terms (1–3) by 12:00 pm Central Friday, July 24, 2020.

Further, we demand the MCA continue to work long term on internally addressing and rectifying racial inequities and uprooting white supremacy at all levels. Specifically:

In the next 3 months (October 31, 2020),

  1. We demand hourly pay at current Chicago minimum wage for TCA members and all interns.

  2. We demand that all-staff meetings and town halls be places for meaningful dialogue and that a transformative justice mediator be hired for all-staff meetings. This mediator should be vetted and hired by the members of the Anti-Racism Core Team.

  3. We demand that, in an effort to redistribute resources to BIPOC communities, the MCA immediately and indefinitely make its virtual platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, MCA Blog, Commons Online, etc.) regularly available for “take-overs” by BIPOC staff, BIPOC artists, and Chicago-based, BIPOC-led community organizations to promote fundraisers and upcoming events, host conversations, and shout out their own work and platforms.

  4. We demand transparency and accountability in the form of monthly reporting to the public and to all levels of staff about how—and when—demands will be met.

    In the next 6 months (January 31, 2021),

  5. We demand institution-wide pay transparency in the form of a report showing the pay of staff at all levels.

  6. We demand a plan outlining more equitable hiring practices.

  7. In addition to the recently formed Anti-Racism Core Team made up of representatives from each department, we demand all current MCA employees and Board Members receive yearly anti-racism training and that such training be required as part of onboarding for all future employees and contractors.

By the end of this fiscal year (June 30, 2021),

  1. We demand that current BIPOC employees be prioritized in the hiring of currently unfilled positions at the museum and the prioritizing of BIPOC candidates for all future hires in positions of leadership.

  2. We demand allotment of a percentage of the rentals budget for gratis use of the MCA building by Chicago BIPOC organizations hosting fundraisers and events once the museum reopens with the unanimous approval of front-facing staff.

  3. We demand sustainable employment, health benefits, paid time off, and livable, equitable salaries/wages for all employees, including part-time and temporary staff and TCA members. We demand a commitment to restructuring pay scales more equitably between associates, coordinators/assistants, managers, directors, department heads, and executives.

We demand that the MCA commit to the above demands (4–13) by providing a concrete plan and timeline, including public accountability measures, by Friday, July 31, 2020.

These are not our only issues with the MCA, only the most time-sensitive ones.

In reading this letter, you may ask why we want to work at the MCA at all, given these conditions. Sometimes we ask ourselves the same thing. But the MCA is not yours, as director—it is all of ours as workers; it belongs to the public; it belongs to the artists, including numerous BIPOC artists, without whose ground-breaking, visionary, and radical work the institution could not exist and could not endeavor to be relevant. We are writing this letter because we care—about ourselves and each other, about future employees of the MCA, about the health and safety of the broader public, about dismantling white supremacy in all of its manifestations. And we are writing this letter because we need to financially support ourselves, because we have partners and families to feed and shelter, communities to care for, and because we deserve conditions to thrive. We are writing this letter because our presence, contribution, expertise, lives, and communities are of value. We deserve to have institutions that work for all of us moving forward—especially for those of us who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color. If institutions worked for some of us in the past, it was only at the expense of not working for and/or exploiting others. We demand that the MCA live up to its own stated values: not only in words, but in action and accountable deeds.

We make these demands in recognition of, gratitude to, and solidarity with the countless other arts and cultural workers across the country who have long been working to dismantle white supremacy and to repair harms caused by racial injustice in their own institutions, and all those workers still to come who will expand and continue this work. We credit the Teen Creative Agency, DismantleNOMA, No Neutral Alliance, and SAIC Solidarity, among others, for inspiration in putting forth these demands. Our demands of the MCA are an echo of the real and necessary change being demanded across the arts and culture, nonprofit, and museum industries globally, as well as in other industries. We invite colleagues, artists, members, and the greater Chicago community to join us in this stand and help us build toward a museum that is truly equitable and just on all levels, for all employees, artists, and visitors.

In Solidarity,

A Coalition of MCA Staff

Lisa West, Visitor Experience Associate

Anastasia Hasna, Visitor Experience Associate

Jameel Bridgewater, Visitor Experience Associate

Janelle Miller, Visitor Experience Associate

Emily Gallaugher, Coordinator of Youth, Families, and Schools

Lindsay Hutchens, former employee in the Collections & Exhibitions, Development, and Curatorial Departments

Peyton Lynch, Box Office Associate

Zakkiyyah Najeebah, Artist Guide

Marya Spont-Lemus, Artist Guide

Jalisa O-H, Artist Guide

Veronica Murashige, Visitor Experience Associate

Ari Reiser, Visitor Experience Associate

Olive Stefanski, Co-Lead Artist for Teen Creative Agency, Artist Guide and Reiki Master Teacher

Ione Sanders, Artist Guide

Ameerah Coleman, Visitor Experience Associate

Char Lee, Visitor Experience Associate

Lucia Calderon Arrieta, Artist Guide

Joelle Mercedes, Artist Guide

Zachary Nicol, Visitor Experience Associate


[1] On June 2, 2020, members of Staff sent an internal letter to the Pritzker Director and MCA Leadership asking for transparency around and a divestment from the MCA’s relationship to the Chicago Police Department (CPD), especially the 18th District CPD Station, in response to two previous monetary contributions made in the name of the MCA in 2018 and 2019. MCA leadership claimed that though the payments were made in the name of the MCA, they were not made using MCA funds but leadership has yet to clarify the exact details of the payments. Also on June 2, members of the MCA’s Teen Creative Agency released a public statement and accompanying petition on their Instagram demanding the same transparency and divestment from CPD, as well as calling the MCA to reassess their internal security practices, and take accountability for other racist and ageist practices. The full statement can be found at[2] See the MCA’s complete public statement here: [3] MCA staff were asked on June 22 to respond to this “Re-Entry Survey” on or before June 26; partial results were sent to staff on July 2.[4] See sections 1106(d)(2) and 1106(d)(5) of the CARES Act and Section III(5)(H) of Final Rule Document 2020-11536 published by the Department of the Treasury. [5] As a result of VE worker’s efforts last summer, $15 per hour was made the new institutional minimum wage for employees in all departments with the exception of the members of the Teen Creative Agency, who are yet to be recognized as staff (despite creating public programming that the MCA culturally and materially benefits from) and are paid a stipend that averages below the minimum hourly wage.

So far, we have gathered 96 signatures. We are supported by:


Ari Karafiol, TCA Member

Jory Drew, TCA Co-Lead Artist

Elvis Hernandez, TCA Member

Edana Lynch, TCA Member

Imani Joseph, TCA Member

Daniel Brito-Virto, TCA Member

Matt Sharp, Current Employee

Miguel Limon, Visitor Experience Associate

Zoe Haralambidis, TCA Member

Julia Kriegel, Current Employee

Georgie Morvis, Communications Coordinator

Lacey Whittaker, Current Employee

Graham Feyl, Current Employee

Bridget Reilly O’Carroll, Current Employee

James Jankowiak, Current Employee

Jill Perez, Strategic Communications Administrative Assistant

Maria Morales, Visitor Experience Associate

Fiona Lyons-Carlson, TCA Member and Current Employee

Ry Douglas, Current Employee

Melissa Roels, Current Employee

Cameron McEwen, Coordinator, Performance and Public Practice

Malcolm Evans, Visitor Experience Associate

Arissé Stephens, Event Experience Assistant

Antonia Constantine, Individual Giving Assistant

Greta McGuire, Production Designer

Leah Froats, Editor

John R. Harness, Artist Guide

Eleanor Lay, Current Employee

Ari Antos, Current Employee

Brooke Riewer, Assistant Store Manager

Bana Kattan, Current Employee

Ellen Cahill, Current Employee

Carl Wiggins, Current Employee

Jack Schneider, Curatorial Assistant in Visual Arts

Sam Boudiab, Shipping and Receiving Associate

Mercel Kristin Curioso, Current Visitor Experience Associate

Nicole Caratachea, Current Employee

Michael Rogerson, Visitor Experience Associate

Iris Colburn, Curatorial Assistant, Visual Arts

Emma Sims, Marisol employee

Cagla Gillis, Current Employee

Delaney McCoy, Visitor Experience Associate

Marcela Torres, Current Employee

Erin Matson, Librarian and Archivist

Brontë Marsteller, Current Employee

Isaiah Robinson, TCA Member

Emma Roetzer, Current Employee

Grace Brandt, Individual Giving Coordinator

Kalin O'Connor, Research Coordinator

Sophia Morris, TCA Member

Lindsay Ford, Marisol Employee

Molly Laemle, Current Employee

Line Ajan, Barjeel Global Fellow, Current employee

Grace Needlman, Manager of Youth and Family Programs

Martin Kong, TCA Member

Laila Rahman-Latta, 2nd year TCA Member

Angelica Ruiz, Current Employee

Nathan Keay, Current Employee

Paul Knipper, Production Designer

Vivian Zamora, Teen Creative Agency

Katherine Wilkinson, Current Employee

Matt Sharp, Current Employee


Hiba Ali, Former MCA Visitor Services, MCA Curatorial Assistant, Chicago, IL

Fontaine Capel, Former Employee, New York, NY

Alanis Castano, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Vihanga, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Amanda Abernathy, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Molly M Brandt, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Noé Nelli, Former TCA Member, Evanston, IL

Caitlin Joseph, Former Employee in Visitor Experience, Chicago, IL

Josh McKenzie, Former Employee, Los Angeles, CA

Riley Yaxley, Former Development Intern and Visitor Services Associate, Chicago, IL

Grace Makuch, Former Employee, Detroit, MI

Grace Deveney, Former Employee, New Orleans, LA

Taylor Brown, Former Visitor Services Employee, Chicago, IL

Grace Wellin, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Okicize Beauvais, TCA alum, Chicago, IL

Sarah Adler, Former Coordinator of Learning, Chicago, IL

Jonathan Worcester, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Paige Hanson, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Gracie Meier, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Andrew Reyes, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Milly Cai, Associate Director Ippodo Gallery New York, Former Employee, New York City, NY

Nina Wexelblatt, Former Employee, Cambridge, MA

Briana Tomlinson, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Kiara Nixon, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Taylor Wisham, Former Vistor Experience Employee, Chicago, IL

Lucas Baisch, Former Box Office Employee, Providence, RI

Ali Yusuff, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Christina Stephens, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Lorenzo Conte, Former Artistic Division Manager, Chicago, IL

Miles Jackson, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Tola Livesey, Former Internship and Volunteer Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA

James Goggin, Former Employee, Providence, RI

Isabella Harbison, TCA Alum, Chicago, IL

Sarah Grosspietsch, Former Store Employee, Chicago, IL

Jen Rymont, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Emma Dwyer, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Andrés Lemus-Spont, Former TCA Special Projects Teaching Artist, Chicago, IL

Erin Toale, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Sheila Majumdar, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Jared Quinton, Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellow 2017-18, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Sue Reon Kim, Former Employee, Atlanta, GA

Camille Warden, Former Employee, Portland, OR

Okicize Beauvais, TCA alum, Chicago, IL

Emma Turner-Trujillo, Former Collections Intern, Chicago, IL

Wright Gatewood, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Matt Austin, Candor Arts, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Danny Epstein, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Sheena Gebhardt, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Sarah Wade, Former Employee, Los Angeles, CA

Megan Moran, Former Intern - School & Teacher Programs, Chicago, IL

Jared C.B. Richardson, Former Intern, Atlanta, GA

Jonny Sommer, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Meghan Considine, Former Curatorial Department Intern, Evanston, IL

Thomas Huston, Former Exhibition Technician, Chicago, IL

Leo Williams, Former Visitor Services Associate, Chicago, IL

Caroline Walser, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Jenna Deidel, Artist Guide 2006-2016, Former Employee, Westminster, CO

Tyronita Bell, Former Employee, Chicago, Illinois

Christy LeMaster, Former Assistant Curator, Chicago, IL

Clee McCracken, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Sofía Retta, Former Employee, Austin, TX

D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, Former Employee, Artist Exhibitor, Chicago, IL

Alex Senycia, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Kelly Long Jimenez, Former Intern, Education, School and Teacher Programs, Spring 2016, Chicago, IL

Courtney Mackedanz, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Devin M, Former Employee, Brooklyn, NY

Joshua Johnson, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Mia Neumann, Former TCA Member + 21Minus Collaborator, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Lindsey Hauck, Former Retail Experience Employee, Los Angeles, CA

Darius R. Parker, Former Visitor Experience Associate, Chicago, IL

Connor Camburn, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Alex Manges, Former Employee, Brooklyn, NY

Yesenia Bello, Former Development Intern, Chicago, IL

Lauren Blackwell, Former Employee, Brooklyn, NY

Lillian Zima, Former Intern, Chicago, IL

Erika van Veggel, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Rachel Dohner, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Charlotte Ickes, Former Employee, Washington, DC

Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Former Visitor Experience Employee, Providence, RI

Chrissy Marquardt, Past Intern, Akron, OH

Andrew Garvey, Former Teen Creative Agency Member, Chicago IL

Annette G., Former Employee, San Antonio, TX

Maria Jenkins, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Jonah Trout, Former Intern, Austin, TX

Gabe Garcia, Former Employee, San Antonio, TX

derek weber, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Schola Iradukunda, Former Employee, Chicago IL

Summer Stephens, Former TCA Member, Richmond, VA

Erika van Veggel, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Rachel Dohner, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Charlotte Ickes, Former Employee, Washington, DC

Berit Frejand, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Udita Upadhyaya, Artist and Educator, Former Employee, Los Angeles , CA

Grace Parker, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Gladys C., Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Christopher Elmore, Former In-House Security Guard, Dock Officer, and Warehouse Guard, Chicago, IL

Rebecca Fasman, Former Employee, Bloomington, IN

Julia Comacchio, Former Intern

Ms. Tatiana Rodriguez, Former 21 Minus Artist, Chicago, IL

Diandra Adamczyk, Former Vistor Experience Employee, Phoenix, AZ

Kamilah Foreman, Former Editor, Former Employee, New York, NY

Rachel Hector, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Betsy Ray, Former Employee ,Chicago, IL

Diana Nawi, Former Employee, Los Angeles, CA

Rian Lussier, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Austen Villacis, Former Photo Archives Intern, Chicago, IL

Kat Kohler, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Jill Lloyd Flanagan, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Lauren C. Watkins, Former Employee, Chicago, IL

James Goggin, Former Employee, Providence, RI

Grace Grindell, former visiting performing artist, Chicago, IL

Tola Livesey, Former Internship and Volunteer Coordinator, Former Employee, Los Angeles, CA

Oluwao A., Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Perla, Volunteer, Romeoville, IL

Kristin Brasuell, Volunteer, Homewood, IL

Andres L. Hernandez, SPACE Artist-In-Residence, Chicago, IL

Damon Locks, Teaching Artist, Chicago, IL

William Estrada, Artist & Educator, Chicago, IL

Jessica Campbell, Artist, Green Bay, WI

Assaf Evron, Artist, Chicago, IL

Ms. Damaris Dunham, Artist, Chicago, IL

Anna Martine Whitehead, Artist, Chicago, IL

Erin Hayden, Artist, Chicago, IL

Gina Gault, Leader, Grayslake, IL

Angela Gronroos, Chicago Resident

Nicole Tetreault, Former Chicago Resident, Wilmington, MA

Galen Odell-Smedley, Artist, Chicago, IL

Jake Collings, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Chelsea A. Flowers, Artist, Detroit, MI

Mia McGill, Visitor, Fredericksburg, VA

Jessica Chaidez, Chicago Resident

Katherine Miller, Rochester, MN

Kiyoshi Martinez, Chicago Resident

Mary Patten, Professor, SAIC, Chicago, IL

Savannah Haley, Visitor, Stafford, VA

Ej Nussbaum, Artist, Chicago, IL

Shannon Hebert Waldman, Chicago, IL

Clare Schultz, Chicago Resident

Mila Sall, Visitor, San Francisco, CA

Blake Drinen, Visitor, Sewanee, TN

Eduardo Curley, Chicago Resident

Gloria, Chicago Resident

Kelly Christian, Artist, Community Member, Chicago, IL

Elana Adler, Artist, Chicago, IL

Amanda Hoyne, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lydia Wells, Visitor, Houston, TX

Angeline Shea, Chicago Resident

Dolly Tovar, Chicago Resident

Alex Harcha, Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Qais Assali, Artist, Chicago, IL

Alden Burke, Co-Founder of Annas and Active Visitor, Chicago, IL

Luna Goldberg, Independent Curator, Miami, FL

Maryam Taghavi, Artist, Chicago, IL

Máire Witt O’Neill, Artist, Chicago, IL

Brianna McIntyre, Artist, Chicago, IL

Jameson Paige, Curator, Mural Arts Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Nora Sharp, Have performed there and visited as a Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Mx. Christ Moses, partner of MCA employee, community member, Chicago, IL

Whitney H., Artist, Chicago, IL

Eseosa Edebiri, Artist, Chicago, IL

aamna, museum visitor, Chicago, IL

Brett M., Visitor, Royal Center, IN

Tony Cokes, Artist, Providence, RI

Chloe Bair, Chicago Resident

Melissa Kojima, Visitor, Portland OR

Spencer Shaw, Visitor, New Orleans, LA

Crystal Carrazco, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hamsen Peeler, Chicago Resident

Wesley Dziedzic, Visitor, Park Ridge, IL

Mindy Reznik, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Luci Imbach, Visitor, Nantucket, MA

Jin Park, Visitor, Skokie, IL

Lindsey Simon (Chicagoan and museumgoer), Chicago Resident

Mark Jaeschke, Oral History Coordinator / National Public Housing Museum, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Elise Schroeder, Chicago Resident

Gina Marroquin, Chicago Resident

Kevin D. Carter, Chicago Resident

Sarah Beidatsch, Chicago Resident

Madison Smith, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ty Starlin, Account Manager, Chicago Resident

Theodora Okiro, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Rachel Bartek, Glass Artist, Artist, Nashville, TN

Angelica Hernandez, Chicago Resident

Jared Brown, Artist, Chicago, IL

Zach Kaplan, Chicago, IL

Justin G., Friend of Former Employee, Chicago, IL

Lika Corson, Visitor, Minneapolis, MN

Megan Magruder, Visitor, New York, NY

Elias Trout, Visitor, West Lafayette, IN

Pearl C. Hsiung, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Carly Strait, Chicago Resident

Tara Bouldrey, Chicago Resident

Danielle Levsky, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hannah Lee, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Miata R., Chicago Resident

Spencer Diedrick, Audience Engagement Manager for Red Tape Theatre, Chicago Resident

Rachel Dennis, Chicago Resident

Zehra Khan, Chicago Resident

Pamela Mae Javier, Registered Nurse, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Adolfo Luna, Chicago Resident

Tanner Bowman, Artist, Chicago, IL

Lucas Garcia, Chicago Resident

DeCarri Robinson, Chicago Resident

Damon Locks, Teaching Artist, Chicago, IL

Chris Querfurth, Chicago Resident

C'ne Rohlsen, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Keri Cavanaugh, Member, Chicago, IL

Jonathan Wilson, Chicago Resident

Iman Music, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lynn Pono, Visitor and Former Art Museum Employee, New York, NY

Andres L. Hernandez, SPACE Artist-In-Residence, Chicago, IL

Alex Milinazzo, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Margot Zuckerman, Visitor, Chicago, IL

M.E. Riley, Visitor, New Orleans, LA

Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo, Artist, Memphis, TN

Peter Hoffman, Artist, Durham, NC + Chicago, IL

Emilie Modaff, Chicago Resident

Ann Kreitman, Visitor, Libertyville, IL

Dina Monk, Chicago Resident

Aaryanna Renee, Chicago Resident

Katie Foggiano, Visitor, Pasadena, CA

Paul Kaufmann, Chicago Resident

Terri Hudson, Member, Chicago, IL

Catie Rutledge, Artist and Chicago Cultural Worker, Chicago, IL

Connie Bergmann, RMT, Chicago Resident

Morgan Mesi, Chicago Resident

A.J. McClenon, Artist, Chicago, IL

Shala Miller, Member, Brooklyn, NY

Monica Guidry Kelsie, Practicing Visual Artist, Alumni of SAIC, Chicago, IL

Katie Williams, Student, Chicago, IL

Christina Nafziger, Chicago Resident

Cynthia T Henderson, MD MPH, Chicago Resident

Angelica Barnett, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Yvonne Fisher, Visitor, Blue Island, IL

Efrain Maguyez, Chicago Resident

Rach Dan, Visitor, Chicago IL

Hannah Arata, Visitor, Supporter, Chicago, IL

Fred Pipkin, Chicago, IL

Robert Beedle, Chicago, IL

Cameron Yaxley, Ypsilanti, MI

Millenna Mitchell, Artist, Chicago, IL

Anwar Mahdi, Carol Stream, IL

Emory Hall, Artist, Chicago, IL

Tanisha Rodriguez, Patron, Chicago, IL

Monica Cable, Supporter, Chicago, IL

Marshall Brown, Artist, Bowie, MD

Angela M. Guidry, Concerned Citizen and MCA Constituent, MD

Laura DeAngelis, Chicago, IL

Brian Pember, Patron, Chicago, IL

Megan Palmer, Chicago Community Member, Chicago, IL

Jacob King, Family with Staff, Chicago, IL

Jasmine Mendoza, Artist, Chicago, IL

Alexander Hayashi, Artist and Designer, Member, Chicago, IL

Ebere Agwuncha, Visitor and Designer, Chicago, IL

Sea Mara, Fort Washington, MD

Ryane Buck, Birmingham, AL

Jessica Pierotti, Artist, Educator, Chicago, IL

Myrna Romo, Concerned Chicago Resident

Andrea Canizares, Chicago Resident

Lauren Leving, Curator, Community Member, Cleveland, OH

Lynn Basa, Artist, Chicago, IL

Blake Scheib, Visitor, Minneapolis, MN

Alejandro Mena, Artist, Chicago, IL

Nick Tiffany, Los Angeles, CA

Sara Laycock, Visitor, Atlanta, GA

S. Nicole Lane, Visitor, Back of the Yards, Chicago, IL

Stephanie Katele, Artist, Chicago, IL

Derrius Quarles, Co-Founder and Co-CEO – BREAUX Capital, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Bailley Leppert, Chicago Resident

Chelsea Fiddyment, Artist, Chicago, IL

Heather Powers, Visitor, Camden, SC

Lillie Therieau, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Roland Santana, Chicago Resident

Nic Holmberg, Art Student, Chicago, IL

Jacqueline Hardin, Chicago, IL

Camilla Hudson, Community Member and Museum Patron, Chicago, IL

Mark Fuente, Patron, Chicago, IL

Natasha Mijares, Chicago, IL

Ashley K, Designer & Curator, Chicago, IL

Loren Rozewski, Virtual Support Manager, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Dana Blanchard, Frequent visitor, Chicago, IL

Hannah Antman, Chicago, IL

Bisola Sosan, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Saleem Hue Penny, Chicago, IL

Robert Beckman, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Isa Kim, Artist, El Paso, TX

Kiko Cuellar, Artist, Chicago, IL

Frances Rich, Chicago, IL

Carol, Chicago, IL

Eleazar I., Chicago, IL

Alex, Chicago, IL

Rachel D., Chicago, IL

Jessica Mueller, Chicago, IL

Joe Dixon, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Iffat Karim, Chicago, IL

Violet, Patron, Chicago, IL

Dr. Mairead Case, Artist, Denver, CO

Jared Auton, Chicago, IL

Xavier Danto, Chicago, IL

Kaylin Rogers, Attendee, Chicago, IL

Mikolaj Czerwinski, Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Khalid Alharbi, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jad Dahshan, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Maira Khwaja, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ana Torres, Artist, Chicago, IL

Stephanie Koch, Independent Curator and Co-Founder of Annas, Chicago, IL

Taylor Briggs, Chicago Resident

Teresa Plascencia, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Rebecca Ganellen, Member, Winnetka, IL

Lizette G., Community Member, Chicago, IL

Alexis Moon, Member, Chicago, IL

Annemarie, Chicago, IL

Abbey Hambright, Community Member, Chicago, IL

Rebekah, Chicago Resident

Deja moton, Artist, Birmingham, AL

Louisa, Chicago, IL

Zoe Walkowiak, Concerned Friend of Employee, Chicago, IL

S*an D. Henry-Smith, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Freddie Lambright, III, Patron, San Leandro, CA

A., Visitor, Streamwood, IL

Kayla, Chicago, IL

Mary Eleanor Wallace, Owner, Tusk, Chicago IL

Kathryn Thurston, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hope Wang, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Adilene Favela, Chicago Resident

Wendy Zheng, Chicago Resident

Jamie M., Visitor, Indianapolis, IN

Persephone Van Ort, Artist and Writer, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jim B, Artist, Detroit, MI

Julie Mazzola, Visitor, Chesterton, IN

Crystal Drake, Artist, Chicago, IL

Erin Acklin, Member, Chicago, IL

Meade Sparks, Chicago Resident

Josh Honn, Member, Chicago, IL

Jane Moye-Rowley, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Amarie Gipson, Writer and Critic, Brooklyn, NY

Jenna Robison, Chicago Resident

Isabel Thompson, Actor, Chicago Resident

Maggie, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sydney Anderson, Chicago Resident

Grace, Chicago Resident

Aiko Masubuchi, Curator, Translator, Brooklyn, NY

Boram Oh, Chicago Resident

David Tarantino, Chicago Resident

Sigrid Mana, Artist, Chicago, IL

Dana Elliot, Visitor, Oakland, CA

Sophie Milling, Visitor, New York, NY

Hazal Ozdemir, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lisa Leszczewicz, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jocelyn Brown, Former Member, Chicago, IL

Lisa L., Visitor, Chicago, IL

Manolya Yilmaz, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jesse Sandvik, Chicago Resident

Meredith Stein, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Marisol Carlos, Chicago Resident

Alibé Brambila, Artist, Chicago, IL

Cheyenne Doerr, Art and Justice Supporter, Austin, TX

Anthony Hamilton, Artist and Educator, Chicago, IL

Gwendolyn Wiegold, AIC Employee, Chicago, IL

Quincey Arrington, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Malia Haines-Stewart, Associate Film Programmer at the Block Museum of Art, Chicago, IL

Kasumi Chow, Chicago, IL

Marissa Macias, Artist, Chicago, IL

Marina Malazoniya, Chicago Resident

Ms. Vigunya Voratanitkitkul, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Maria Lavender, Visitor, Phoenix, AZ

Alan Medina, Artist, Chicago, IL

Kyra Peterson, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ben Marcus, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jaime Gutfeldt, Chicago Resident

Gervais Marsh, Chicago Resident

Margaret Kross, Concerned Arts Professional, New York

Evan Fusco, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sara Swinehart, Chicago Resident

Lauren Walsh, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Kat Homer, Chicago Resident

Theo Katsaounis, Chicago Resident

Meagan Hughes, Chicago Resident

Defne Kirmizi, Chicago Resident

Jenny Grobelski, Chicago Resident

Meghan Cole, Chicago Resident

Katie Edwards, Artist, Chicago, IL

Lauren Mathias, Chicago Resident

Katherine Hayes, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Karla Bonilla, Chicago, IL

Marieke McClendon, Member, Chicago, IL

Elliott Brown Jr, Artist, Queens, New York

Celia Shaheen, Artist, Turner, ME

Samuel Thompson, Visitor, Houston, TX

Molly Berkson, Artist, Chicago, IL

Ashley Syed, Visitor, Chicago IL

Eleni Leventopoulos, Chicago Resident

Gareth Kaye, Chicago IL

Teresa Plascencia, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lisa Vinebaum, Artist, Arts Educator, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Xaviera Simmons Studio, Artist, New York

Vic Wynter, Artist, Chicago, IL

Natalie Houchins, Visitor, Austin, Texas

Courtney Prokopas, Artist, Chicago, IL

Maegan J, Chicago Resident

María Sosa, Artist, México

Bella Carrasquillo, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sarah, Visitor, Schaumburg, IL

Devin Thomas, Chicago Resident

Celia Wickham, Chicago Resident

Shania Gimenez, Visitor, Bolingbrook, IL

Eduardo F. Rosario, Artist, Chicago, IL

Donna Gary, Chicago Resident

Jessica Hopper, Author/Journalist (Curated and hosted multiple conversation series at MCA), Chicago, IL

Cathy Hardy, Visitor, Delaware

Shalaka Kollerkandy, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Mateo Hernandez, Theatre Artist, Chicago, IL

Olivia Peace, Artist, Los Angeles

Jesse Meredith, Artist, Chicago, IL

Brad R, Chicago Resident

Lynnea Domienik, Visitor, Chicago, IL

J Figueroa, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Abigail Bluejer, Have performed at MCA, Albuquerque, NM

Charles Rice, Artist, Chicago, IL

Trystan Mills, Chicago Resident

Courtney Hardin, Visitor, New York, NY

Noël Morical, Artist Chicago, IL

Hoda Sayegh, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Gabriel Chalfin-Piney, Artist Chicago, IL

Lauren Thesing, SAIC student, Chicago, IL

Ben Falk, Chicago Resident

Rachel Webberman, Chicago Resident

Hadley Sibon, Former Chicago Resident and Friend of Former MCA Employee, Durham, UK

Maxwell Hermann, Chicago Resident

Rebecca Furstenau, Visitor, Chicago Resident

Julia Koreman, Art Auction Consultant and Artist, Chicago, IL

Natalie M, Chicago Resident

Lauren Tothero, Concerned Citizen, Los Angeles, CA

Trevor Gillis, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Delasha Long, Documentation Specialist, Chicago, IL

Tran Tran, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Tekikki Walker, Artist, Cleveland, OH

Jerry Boyle, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lauren Feilich, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sasha Tycko, Visitor, Atlanta, Georgia

Angelica Haennicke, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Michelle Schultz, Visitor, Los Angeles, CA

Chloe Torri, Artist, Aurora, IL

Olivia Blanchard, Artist, Chicago, IL

Molly Colleen O'Connell, Artist, Berwyn, IL

Kara Brody, Artist, Chicago, IL

Julian Axelrod, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Matthew FitzGibbon, Member, Chicago, IL

Jocelyn Paniagua, Chicago Resident

Amanda Maraist, Artist, Chicago, IL

Amanda Vasilco, Chicago Resident

Alex Maples, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hannah Curcio, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lauren Murray, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Trinicia Alexander, Artist, Oakland, CA

Alexis Julovich, Chicago, IL

Fernando Vian, Chicago Resident

Maeve White, Glenstone Guide, Museum Worker, Washington, D.C.

Patrick Hoffmann, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Mark Renard, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Mallory Thomas, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sierra Tothero, Visitor, Austin, TX

Corinne Butta, Supporter, Brooklyn, NY

Trinidad Reyes, Law Student, Chicago, IL

Damaris Miranda, Chicago Resident

Bridgette Thoma, Volunteer, Chicago, IL

Olivia Dockery, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Tracey Abman, Chicago Resident

Abbey Davis, AFSCME C31 Organizing Director, Supporter, Oak Park, IL

Kate McCarthy, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ilirida Memedovski, Chicago Resident

Ms. Emma Unterseher, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Trevor McCulloch, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lauren Steinberg, Staff at SAIC, Artist, Chicago, IL

Christopher "ThoughtPoet" Brown, Artist, Chicago, IL

Frédérique Desrosiers, Chicago Resident

Rachel Glass, Artist, Chicago, IL

Davielle Lakind, Member, Atlanta, IL

Tikva Lantigua, Visitor, Atlanta, GA

Cari Meixner, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Anne Sand, Visitor, Iowa City, IA

Michael Johnson, Former Member, Chicago Resident

Olivia Nielsen, Chicago Resident

Adelaide Wilson, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ari Brow, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jenn Freeman, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jose Sanchez, Chicago Resident

Libby Pettett, Artist and Arts Educator, Chicago, IL

Sarah Pazen, Chicago Resident

Emme, Visitor, Olympia, WA

Adam Ramos, Visitor, IL

Lindsay Biagi, Chicago Resident

Katia Ivanova, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Katie Slivovsky, Visitor, Westchester

Camille Lindsley, Visitor, New York, NY

Denisse Robledo, Producer & Visitor, Chicago, IL

E Mittman, Visitor, Wheaton IL

D Flynn, Visitor, Wheaton IL

Andy Gabrysiak, Art Handler & Visitor, Raleigh, NC

Megan Rensing, Chicago Resident

Amy Huske, Artist, Chicago, IL

Ms. Damaris Dunham, Artist, Chicago, IL

Anne Mahady, Visitor, Bloomington, IN

Alkebuluan Merriweather, Artist, Chicago IL

Melissa Tothero, Visitor, Austin, TX

Marcus Rodriguez, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ryan Horvath, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Samantha Adams, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Noami Guerrero, Chicago Resident

Casey Wright, Chicago Resident

Julia Newcorn, Chicago Resident

Naima Woods, an artist/frequent who wants the greatest staff of the world to feel safe. 💓, Chicago IL

Ratko Radojčić, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Heather Phillip, Chicago Resident

Teddy Sandler, Chicago Resident

Ryan Nault, Artist, Chicago IL

Anna Claspy, M. A., Architectural Historian, Chicago Resident

Jacobi Alvarez, Member, Austin, TX

Alessandra Norman, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Teddy Sandler, Chicago Resident

Anna Claspy, M. A., Architectural Historian, Chicago, IL

Jacobi Alvarez, Member, Austin, TX

Alessandra Norman, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Regan Dockery, Chicago Resident

Lemmy Ya’akova, Chicago Resident

Regan Dockery, Chicago Resident

Caleb Neubauer, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Lemmy Ya’akova, Chicago Resident

Caleb Neubauer, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Alexandria McLin, Chicago Resident

Nellie Barrett, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Christopher Hefner, Current Employee, Chicago

Naomi Camacho, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Chelsea R, Chicago Resident

LM, Visitor, Rockville, Maryland

Aiden, Friend of Employee, Auckland, New Zealand

Laura Nelson, Chicago Resident, Hinsdale, IL

Sonia Jourdain, Chicago Resident

Jack Guffey, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Milo Hasmonek, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Anine Sus, Chicago Resident

Liv Koreman, Chicago Resident

Therese Quinn, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Laura Foley, Chicago Resident

Megan Jeyifo, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Peter Moon, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Alex Peyton-Levine, Chicago Resident

Marisa Lazar, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Max Guy, Chicago, IL

Chloe Kenning, Chicago Resident

Adonis, Artist, Chicago, IL

Jamillah Hinson, Arts Administrator, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Brittany Means, Visitor, Iowa City, IA

Kelli Roth, Visitor, Oelwein, IA

Sydney Wipperfurth, Chicago Resident

Jonathan D Swain, Chicago Resident

Noa Rosenberg, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Alex Priest, Essential Worker, Chicago Resident, Chicaog, IL

Jimmy Kemper, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Sara Heymann, Artist, Chicago, IL

Valen Sparks, Member, Chicago, IL

Marion Lewandowski, Visitor, Milwaukee, WI

Zelene Sanchez, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jocelyn Tenorio, Chicago Resident

Chris Karczewski, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Joshua SH, Artist, Philadelphia, PA

Lindsey Waelde, Chicago Resident

Virgo Batty, Artist & Student of SAIC, Chicago, IL

Hannah Flynn, Former Volunteer, Los Angeles, CA

Lise Haller Baggesen, Artist, Chicago, IL

Christian Keeve, Graduate Worker, Visitor, Madison, WI

Galia BM, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Adriana Guzman, Chicago Resident

Michelle Steen, Manager of Public Programs Crocker Art Museum, Visitor and Fellow Museum Professional, Sacramento, CA

Isabella Kiser, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Rudy Medina, Artist, Chicago, IL

Elena Ailes, Artist, Chicago, IL

Kira Jacobson, Visitor, Bridgewater, NJ

Sarah Gourevitch, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jeane Cohen, Artist, Chicago, IL

Jolene Allen, Chicago Resident

Matthew Shimmel, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Olivia Meyer, Chicago Resident

Phoebe Kuo, Artist, Evanston, IL

Rebecca Connie, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Alexa Burzinski, Visitor, New York, NY

Gabrielle Rucker, Visitor, Detroit, MI

Paris Jomadiao, Chicago Resident

Katelyn Patton, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hannah McHugh, Visitor, Richmond, VA

Rebecca Lothan + Antonio López, Founders and Directors, Chicago, IL

Sakura Robles, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Britt Curcio, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Maya Catlin, Student & Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ryan K., Chicago Resident

Timi Koyejo, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jordan Megna, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Elliott Rohrer, Chicago Resident

Miles Lambert-Gilliam, Chicago Resident

Mr. Nathan Morgan-Kitch, Chicago Resident

Izzy Furlan, Chicago Resident

Sofia Porta, Chicago Resident

Kathryn Wicks, Visitor, Lake Bluff, IL

Taylor Werlinger, Artist, San Diego, CA

Mariel Harari, Artist, Chicago, IL

Ross Jordan, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lucas Gaehring (Visual Artist), Chicago Resident, Miami, FL

Fabiola Barral- Server, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Michael P., Arts Administrator, Chicago, IL

LaTeona B., Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Husna Khan, Visitor, Copenhagen, DNK

Alex Janakiraman, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sabrina Diamond, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Walter Goodknight, Chicago Resident

Elizabeth Klein, Chicago Resident

Jacyara de Oliveira, Chicago Resident

Jasmine Garcia, Los Angeles, CA

Morgan Mullen, Visitor, Peoria, IL

Melissa Brzycki, Visitor, Howell, NJ

Amalie Vega, Chicago Resident

Josephine Ferorelli, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Madison Carter, Chicago Resident

Teresa Cornejo, Friend of an artist, Raleigh, NC

Jacob Boglio, Chicago Resident

Rowan Charleson, TV Researcher, Visitor, Glasgow, UK

Caroline Stasica, Chicago Resident

Michelle Labedz, Chicago Resident

Sarah Belknap, Artist, Cicero, IL

Geoffrey Billetter, Chicago Resident

Sky Tatiana, Artist, Chicago, IL

Angie Flores, Receptionist and Fiscal Assistant for the Poetry Foundation, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Andrea Hunt, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Alexander Martin, Visitor, Peoria, IL

Quenna L. Barrett, Artist, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Tatum Hendrickson, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jasper Goodrich, Artist, Chicago, IL

Miguel Garcia, Chicago Resident

Marissa Finazzo, Chicago Resident

Sean O’Sullivan, Chicago Resident, San Francisco, CA

Devin Balara, Artist, Visitor, Saugatuck, MI

Damen Denemark, Chicago Resident

Grey Van de Graaf, Chicago Resident

Claude Strakalaitis, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Yvette Mayorga, Artist, Chicago, IL

Lauren White, Chicago Resident

Nylah Byrd, Chicago Resident

Angela Baldus, Member, Vancouver, BC

Lilia Taboada, Brooklyn, NY

Rubi Valentin, Chicago Resident

Essence McDowell, Chicago Resident

Belinda Bing, Chicago Resident

Mariah Emerson, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Siobahn Schuck, Artist, Chicago, IL

Hannah Lencheck, Visitor, Bloomington, IN

Angela Davis Fegan, Artist, Chicago, IL

Lynn Mills, Visitor, Omaha, NE

Concitta Cavin, Chicago Resident

Zachary Hutchinson, Artist, Chicago Resident

Anisa Olufemi M., Chicago Resident

Megan Koeller, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jackson Conlon, Chicago Resident

Gina Furnari Artist, New Jersey

Sarah Bastress, Artist, Chicago, IL

Natalia Luna, Chicago Resident

Cat Bowyer, Artist, Chicago, IL

Denise Joncic, Member, Fullerton, CA

jireh l. drake, movement building organizer & artist, Chicago, IL

Justice Ford, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Mev Luna, artist and educator, Brooklyn, NY

Biman Xie, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Jacob Lindgren, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ariadna Ginez, Volunteer & Member, Chicago, IL

Cecilia Nicol, Visitor, New York, NY

Andrea Yarbrough, Member, Chicago, IL

Shir Ende, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Jenny Dally, Art Historian & Visitor, Chicago, IL

Loryn Cook, California

Brady Furlich, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Maya Rowe, Chicago Resident

Bryanna Armenta, Chicago Resident

Hương Ngô, Artist, Chicago, IL

Hồng-Ân Trương, Artist, Durham, NC

Rikki Byrd, Chicago Resident

Vero Rose Smith, M.A., M.Des.S., M.B.A., Chicago, IL

Eva Pensis, Chicago Resident

Angela Tate, Historian, Chicago Resident

Jacqueline WayneGuite, Member, Chicago, IL

Nicolas Mosqueda, Member, Berwyn, IL

Jennifer Williams, Ally, New Orleans, LA

Kelechi Agwuncha, Artist, Chicago, IL

Anneilis Cunningham, Chicago Resident

Debra Brown, Visitor, New York

Kenyetta Johnson, Organizer for #MatchYourSpiritFSM, Chicago, IL

Ariel Blitz, Visitor, Chicago, Illinois

Monica Pidu, Visitor, Westchester, IL

Cinnamon Williams, African-American Studies PhD Student, Chicago, IL

Nicole Cullen, Visitor, Seattle, WA

Tempestt Hazel, writer/curator and co-founder of Sixty Inches From Center, Chicago, IL

Ana Hedenstrom, Artist, Seattle, WA

Bailey Schwartz, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Maria Planansky, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Carneice Colvin, Artist, Chicago, IL

Rafiat Akeju, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Diana Arellano, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Melissa Nava, Visitor, Phoenix, AZ

Lexa Funderburg, Chicago Resident

Grace, Visitor, Des Plaines, Illinois

Katherine O’Brien, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Kaycee Filson, Chicago Resident

Shelby Silvernell, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Rachael Schwabe, Teen Educator & Visitor, New York, NY

Tracie Kunzika, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Chad Keitel, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Kat Zagaria, Visitor, Sheboygan, WI

Ian Zeitlin, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Simone Alexander, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Falak Vasa, Visitor, Kolkata, IN

Michelle, Chicago Resident

Asia Jones, Visitor, Upper Marlboro, MD

David Hector, Visitor, Evergreen Park, IL

Brett Swinney, Artist / Producer / Organizer, Chicago, IL

Daniellia Marshall, Chicago Resident

Chris Williford, Artist, Chicago, IL

Sabrina Tamas, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Eli Timoner, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Katrina Atkin, Visitor, Philadelphia, PA

Ruth Timothy, Chicago Resident

Krystal Webb, Visitor,Homewood, L

Breon Jones, Visitor, Minneapolis, MN

Madeleine Ehrhardt, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Erin A, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Mallory McGrail, Visitor, Oak Park, IL

Shelby Stonr, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Patrick Lentz, Visitor, Skokie, IL

Kira Fox, Chicago Resident

Gabrielle Lara, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Miri Phelps, Artist, Orland Park, IL

Noémi Michel, PhD, Visitor, Geneva, IL

Elisa Simmons, Chicago Resident

Amira Danan, Chicago Resident

Marissa Bedard, Chicago Resident

Sarah Chambers, Visitor, Auburn, WA

Andrew Dorrell, Chicago Resident

Emma Oskar, Medical Student, Syracuse, NY

Aaron Hughes, Artist, Chicago, IL

Hannah Burt, Member, Chicago, IL

Liz Chidester - Teaching Artist, Artist, Chicago, IL

Arbel Bedak, Concerned Human, Los Angeles, CA

Claire Favret, Chicago Resident

Rachel Stamler-Jonas, Northwestern Alum, Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Haga, Visitor, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jamie Wolf, Supporter, Philadelphia, PA

Jody Bailet, Chicago Resident

Kate Doornbos, Chicago Resident

Elizabeth Handrigan, Chicago Resident

Glitter Record, Chicago Resident

Ananth Karanam, Concerned Citizen, Folsom, CA

Heather Anacker, Chicago Resident

Thee Ianthe, A Concerned Black Person, Houston, TX

Laura Maynard, Chicago Resident

Jane Huff, Former Chicago Resident, Los Angeles, CA

Aliza Feder, Artist, Chicago, IL

Annie Grapentine, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lauren Benish, Chicago Resident

Miss Shaina N., Visitor, San Diego, CA

Tia Anae, Visitor, Los Angeles, CA

Milan Jones, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Liz Larsen, Chicago Resident

Seth Hannasch Concerned Citizen, Duluth, MN

Thomas Mason, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Taylor Sheridan, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lynn Schmitt, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Maren Celest, Artist, Chicago, IL

Mr. Jones, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Ian R. Q. Slater, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Lucie Camp, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Maddy Smith, Visitor, Queens, NY

Caroline Cotter, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Jojo Kim, Artist, Queens, NY

Marika Mashburn, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ashley Leisten, Artist, Chicago, IL

ciera mckissick, curator, event producer, Chicago, IL

Dan Gorman, Visitor, New York, NY

Mr Tom Annis, Volunteer, Lowestoft, UK

Ms. Julia Birnbaum, Concerned Citizen, Brooklyn, NY

Eileen Walsh, Artist, Richmond, VA

Molly Sharp, Visitor, Johnson City, TN

Roe Evan, Artist, Glasgow, Scotland

Sarah Montgomery, Chicago Resident

Sean Coyle, Chicago Resident

Danika Balas, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Kristen Hallen, Chicago Resident

Rachel Smith, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Emily Evans, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Audrey M., Chicago Resident

Erica Henderson, Milwaukee, WI

Liz Jarmer, Chicago Resident

Jenna Levine, Visitor, New York, NY

Connor Konz Visitor, Chicago, IL

Sophie Higdon, Chicago Resident

Lauren Dacy, Chicago Resident

Claire De Leon, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Max Braverman, Chicago Resident

Erez Bleicher, Visitor, Jerusalem

A.B.Stroud, New York, NY

Lee Johnson, Brooklyn, NY

Kelsey Tortorice, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Clementine Wink, Visitor, Berwyn, IL

Rachel D., Chicago Resident

Val Schlosberg, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Marielle Pichon, Visitor, New Orleans, LA

Allison Parssi, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Christian Borkey, Chicago Resident

Collin Quinn Rice, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Gaby Moldovan, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Danielle Wordelman, Teacher, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Amy Torchiana, Chicago Resident

Rachel Nichols, Visitor, Daphne, AL

Annie Kaufman, Artist, Chicago Resident

Cyan X aka Holly Chernobyl, Queen Bitch, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Mar Curran, Artist, Chicago, IL

Allie Blum, New Orleans, LA

Shterna Goldbloom, Artist, Chicago, IL

Juliet de Jesus Alejandre, Chicago Resident

Katie C. Doyle, Museum Educator - State of New Mexico, Artist, Albuquerque, NM

Kathleen Roberts, Chicago Resident

Joseph Ravens, Director, Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Artist, Chicago, IL

Hereaclitus Here Vernon, Artist, Evanston, IL

Mx. Cameron Camacho, Chicago Resident

Verse Gabrielle, Artist in solidarity, San Francisco, CA

Joshua Wendler, Concerned Citizen, Sebastopol, CA

KT Hawbaker, Journalist and Critic, Chicago, IL

Alexa Karczmar, Chicago Resident

Molly Hewitt, Artist, Chicago, IL

Isabella Gerasole, Visitor, Los Angeles, CA

Gianna Tempera, Concerned Citizen, Shrewsbury, MA

Louis Fernandez, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Hope Barnes, Chicago Resident

Irina Zadov, Artist, Chicago, IL

Leslie Rose, Chicago Resident

Maria Gaspar, Artist, Chicago, IL

Kelsey Stoner, Visitor, Glen Ellyn, IL

Christine Ferrera, Artist, Chicago, IL

Johanna Laemle, Visitor, Eugene, Oregon

Allison Moore, Former Member, Oak Park, IL

Forestt LaFave, Chicago Resident

Rebecca Striepe, Atlanta, GA

Natalie Forman, concerned citizen of Earth, Edmonton

Julie Schmerbeck, Chicago Resident

Yvonne E. Nieves, RMT, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Rachel Jump, Artist, Chicago, IL

Jeremy Saxon, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hannah Landesberg, Visitor, Pittsburgh, PA

Sara Hindmarch, Museum Registrar, Chicago, IL

Annabel Heacock, Visitor, Evanston, IL

Mariah Karson, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Chelsea Stone, Visitor, New York, NY

Yasmine Ramachandra, Visitor, Chicago, IL

BJ Allen, Visitor, Chicago, Illinois

Laura Long, Visitor, Chicago, IL

M. Dinerstein, Chicago Resident

Kristen Holtz, Artist, Berkeley, IL

Shannon Campbell, Visitor, Orlando, FL

Nicole Alcalde, Chicago Resident

Malissa Mathews, Visitor, Milwaukee, WI

Catherine Jackson, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Felicia Holman; Independence Artist/Cultural Producer & Facilitator, Artist, Chicago, IL

Bethel Kifle, Chicago Resident

Eric May Executive Director, Roots & Culture, Chicago Resident

Andrew Cantrell, Artist, Chicago, IL

Eryka Dellenbach, Former Chicago resident (born & raised though), Brooklyn, NY

Patricia Knol, Illinois resident, Winfield, IL

Elias Pack, Visitor, Los Angeles, CA

Samantha Delp, Visitor, Hickory Hills, IL

Selina Trepp, Artist, Chicago, IL

Belle Zhao, Visitor, New York City, NY

Eric Brionez, Visitor, New York, NY

Alex Basler, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Gina H., Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Shawn Wong, Chicago Resident

Amanda Yip, Visitor, Ottawa, ON

Syd Davis, Interdisciplinary Artist, Chicago Resident

Shawn Bush, Chicago Resident

Ally Weissenberg, Concerned Citizen, New York, NY

Thomas Kelly, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Evan Starkweather, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Ashley Olson, Supporter of the Arts, Willmar, MN

Kelli Cousins, Chicago Resident, Chicago, IL

Megan Magruder, Visitor, New York, NY

Elias Trout, Visitor, West Lafayette, Indiana

Pearl C. Hsiung, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Carly Strait, Chicago Resident

M.E. Riley, Visitor, New Orleans, LA

Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo, Artist, Memphis, TN

Peter Hoffman, Artist, Durham, NC + Chicago, IL

Emilie Modaff, Chicago Resident

Ann Kreitman, Visitor, Libertyville, IL

Dina Monk, Chicago Resident

Aaryanna Renee, Chicago Resident

Katie Foggiano, Visitor, Pasadena, CA

Paul Kaufmann, Chicago Resident

Terri Hudson, Member, Chicago, IL

Nora Sharp, Have performed there and visited as a Chicago Resident. Chicago, IL

Tara Bouldrey, Chicago Resident

Spencer Diedrick, Audience Engagement Manager for Red Tape Theatre, Chicago Resident

Alex Milinazzo, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Margot Zuckerman, Visitor, Chicago, Illinois

Danielle Levsky, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Hannah Lee, Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Miata R., Chicago Resident

Christina Nafziger, Chicago Resident

Cynthia T Henderson MD MPH, Chicago Resident

Angelica Barnett, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Yvonne Fisher, Visitor, Blue Island, IL

Efrain Maguyez, Chicago Resident

Rachel Dennis, Chicago Resident

Zehra Khan, Chicago Resident

Emma Turner-Trujillo, Former Collections Intern, Chicago, IL

DeCarri Robinson, Chicago Resident

Chris Querfurth, Chicago Resident

C'ne Rohlsen, Visitor, Brooklyn, NY

Keri Cavanaugh, Member, Chicago IL

Jonathan Wilson, Chicago Resident

Iman Music, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Lynn Pono, Visitor and former Art museum employee & Visitor, New York, NY

Pamela Mae Javier, Registered Nurse & Visitor, Chicago Resident

Adolfo Luna, Chicago Resident

Tanner Bowman, Artist, Chicago, IL

Lucas Garcia, Chicago Resident

Anna Martine Whitehead, Artist, Chicago, IL

Jake Collings, Visitor, Chicago, IL

Mia McGill, Visitor, Fredericksburg, VA

Jessica Chaidez, Chicago Resident

Katherine Miller, Rochester, MN

Kiyoshi Martinez, Chicago Resident

Mary Patten, Professor, SAIC, Chicago, IL

Savannah Haley, Visitor, Stafford, Virginia

Ej Nussbaum, Artist, Chicago, IL

Lydia Wells, Visitor, Houston, TX

Angeline Shea, Chicago Resident

Dolly Tovar, Chicago Resident

Alex Harcha, Volunteer, Chicago, IL

John Quiles, Chicago Resident

Lisa Barcy, Artist and Educator, Chicago, IL

jina valentine, Artist, Chicago, IL

Mariam Aziza Stephan, Visitor, GREENSBORO, NC

Michael Tucker, Chicago Resident

Stephanie M. Guerra, Chicago Resident

Sharonda Tutson, Chicago Resident

Alondra Ramos, Chicago Resident

Manal Kara, Artist, Gary, IN

Simone P, Chicago Resident

Maricruz Dominguez, DOJ Accredited Representative, Chicago Resident

Monica Trinidad, Co-Founder of For the People Artists Collective, Artist, Chicago, IL