Interactive Posts

I like to include interactive elements in the content I create. Here are examples of content I created that includes interactivity.

1. Here is an activity that gets you to think critically by employing a very interesting topic: Koko the Gorilla, and whether she really used sign language to communicate with humans

2. This is a 2009 video episode from my podcast in which I show viewers how they can create an online experiment using the Wix website builder and Google Forms.

3. This activity is a recreation of an experiment conducted in the '90s which shows how eyewitnesses can be mislead by how questions are posed to them. The activity uses Wix and Google Forms and Spreadsheets.

4. This activity is an online version of an activity typically done in class in which students watch portions of a Bugs Bunny video and are asked if they think what they're seeing constitutes aggression. The activity uses Wix and Google Forms and Spreadsheets.

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5. Many people think they can "multitask". This activity shows that in fact, it's not possible and that what's really happening is the brain is "multi-switching" and as a result is performing both tasks much worse than if each were done separately. The activity uses Google Sites, Forms and Spreadsheets.

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6. In this activity I show how a mnemonic technique can be used to memorize people's names. I used the platform to create it.

7. This demo - also using Visme - explains what techniques are used by apps and phones to "addict" us to their use.

8. This activity explains how our age can affect how funny we think jokes are. Google Sites, Forms and Spreadsheets were used.

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