Many-Body Quantum Chaos

March 10-15, 2019

Aspen Center for Physics

The problem of quantum chaotic dynamics of interacting many-body systems has recently experienced a significant renaissance. Deep relations have been uncovered between seemingly disconnected models and new insights have come from condensed matter and AMO physics, from string theory and general relativity, and from quantum information science.

This Aspen Winter Conference aims to synthesize these recent developments with particular emphasis on connections with the older quantum chaos literature and on recent and forthcoming experiments on many-body quantum chaotic systems such as strongly interacting solid state materials and engineered atomic and optical systems.

The key questions to be addressed include the following. How do the recent developments in many-body quantum chaos (MBQC) connect to established ideas in the quantum chaos literature? How does MBQC manifest in quantum dynamics, for example, in the transport properties of strongly interacting electrons? How do we engineer sufficiently complex many-body systems and directly probe the quantum butterfly effect? What new theoretical methods are required to calculate the properties of MBQC systems? Is there an effective theory of quantum chaos that generalizes gravity or the simple Schwarzian theory?

Confirmed speakers include: Ana Maria Rey, Ehud Altman, Vedika Khemani, Hong Liu, Tomaz Prosen, Lea Santos, Felix Izrailev, Sean Hartnoll, Xiaoliang Qi, Leonid Bunimovich, Sriram Ganeshan, Bryce Gadway, Paola Cappellaro, Poul Jessen, Aharon Kapitulnik, Waseem Bakr, Amir Yacoby, Horacio Pastawski, Herman Verlinde, Masanori Hanada, Misha Lukin, Steve Gubser