University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Postdoctoral Fellow, Prof. Wei Lu Group

Sept 2015 – Present

Advisor: Prof. Wei D. Lu

Research Projects:

  • RRAM-based non von Neumann computing.
  • Memory processing unit (MPU).
  • Memristive Reservoir Computing.
  • Bio-inspired neural networks and neuromorphic computing.
  • 3D resistive memory crossbar.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Research Assistant, Sensors Lab

Sep 2011 - Aug 2015

Advisor: Prof. Khaled. N. Salama

Research Projects:

  • Sneak-Paths Immune RRAM.
  • Reactance-Less Oscillators (RLO).
  • CAM-based Vector Computing.
  • Flexible Ferroelectric Memories.

Research Engineer, Sensors Lab

Oct 2009 - Sep 2011

Advisor: Prof. Khaled. N. Salama

Research Projects:

  • Digital Chaotic PRNGs.
  • Protein Alignment using CPU/GPU.
  • Memristive devices modeling.

University of California, Irvine (UCI)

Research Assistant (Exchange Fellow), Wireless Systems & Circuits Lab

Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Advisors: Prof. A. Eltawil & Prof. F. Kurdahi

Research Project:

  • Sneak-Paths Immune RRAM.

The German University in Cairo (GUC)

Teaching Assistant

Oct 2008 - Oct 2009

Courses: 1. System-on-a-Chip, 2. Microcomputer Applications, 3. IC Design, and 4. Digital Logic Design

Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology (IAET)

Teaching Assistant

Sept 2006 - Oct 2008 (Cairo, Egypt)

Courses: 1. Microprocessor Design, 2. Digital Logic, 3. Computer Networks, 4. Operating System, 5. Digital Signal Processing, 6. Electronics, 7. Electronics Lab, 8. x86 Assembly Lab, and 9. Physics Lab