The mission of the Bridges Chamber Music is to bring chamber music to students of all ages in Monroe and surrounding counties. Through group rehearsals, public performance, and outreach events, the program inspires in its students a love of music and a high standard of excellence in their performance.

Summer Chamber Music

Tuesday, June 20-23rd

Requirements: Ages 8-18, beginners-advanced levels. Our faculty is accustomed to customizing the musical experiences regardless of ability or experience!

Monday-Thursday afternoons: Afternoons will be a combination of chamber music rehearsals, masterclasses, large ensemble, and improvisation. 

Performance: Final works will be performed and recorded on Friday, June 23rd at 4PM. 

Summer Chamber Music Faculty

Dena El Saffar

Kevin Flynn

Maggie Olivo

Erica Rubis

What does the day look like?

Ice Breakers and Improvisation: 

2:15: Students gather together as a group and engage in group improvisation activities, making music up on the spot. 

Chamber Music Groups: 

2:30-3:30: Each participant will be placed in a chamber music group (3-5 players) based upon age, level, and even friendships! Groups will work with their coach to prepare one or two pieces to be performed at the end of the session.


3:30-4: Starting on the first day, small groups play for each other and receive feedback from their peers and coaches. 

Large Ensemble: 

4:15-5:15 At the end of every day, all of the chamber groups come together for a string orchestra experience, directed by one of our Bridges MAYO orchestra directors.

Bridges Chamber Music 2021: Highlights

Because of the Pandemic, our chamber music groups met in chamber music pods, just 2 hours a day for 4 days. Two groups met at Bryan Park and two groups met at a coach's house. Community members loaned us tent canopies. The camp experienced massive groups of Brood X cicadas as well as rain showers but none of that stopped them from making music! Each group had 3-4 pieces to learn. 

1. A piece for their small chamber ensemble 

2. A commissioned work for their "site" ensemble 

3. Dr. Lauren Bernofsky's "Electric Sinfonia." 

FAR Center for Contemporary Art provided a beautiful performance venue at a highly discounted rate. Despite some technical difficulties, we were eventually able to stream live June 10th at 4PM.

Bridges Chamber Music will meet from 2-5PM, Tuesday through Thursday with a 4PM concert on Friday.