General Physics 204

Morning Section for Summer of 2017 at Rutgers University New Brunswick

This website is the syllabus for the course 750:204:H1-H3

Physics 203-204 fulfills the physics requirements for science majors, as well as admission to healthcare professional schools and graduate schools. It provides an excellent opportunity for learning physics in a comprehensive, challenging and rewarding way. If you have not taken physics before, or are not comfortable with algebra, trigonometry, or fundamental calculus you may want to consider extra help. This class strictly abides by the Rutgers academic integrity policy.

Office Hours are immediately after lecture or by announcement.

You should have a physics textbook for reference. The RECOMMENDED (not required) textbooks are below.

  1. Cutnell & JohnsonPhysics by Young and Stadler 10th edition.This text book is available in multiple versions including a version which only includes chapters 18-32; the chapters covered in this course. Link for the book website is here........or book resources here.
  2. College Physics by Etkina, Gentile, and Van Huevelen 1st edition. This textbook is available in multiple versions.

Grades are 80% lecture and 20% recitation uncurved. Each problem is worth one point. To optimize your learning you must choose practice problems, research and investigate online, and come to office hours in addition to the graded assignments.

A >87

B+ 83-87

B 77-82

C+ 73-76

C 64-72

D 55-63

F <55