Featured Presentations

Research Showcase at PANSIG2018 - The State of MAVR Eric Hawkinson & other officers Promoting Autonomy for Student Orientations in Self-Access Learning Centres. Euan Bonner, Kanda University of International Studies, Erin Frazier, Kanda University of International Studies Creating a multilingual audio-guided virtual campus tour using story spheres: ICU case. Bobby Figueroa, International Christian University Connecting to Puerto Rico through AR and VR Elisabeth Fernandes, Osaka City University: Parisa Mehran, Osaka University: What should we be using VR for in the second language classroom? Chris Hastings, Nanzan University Academic Writing from VR Experiences – Refugee Stories to Policy in Japan Jennifer Teeter PANSIG2018

Augmented Reality: The opportunities and dangers of extreme automation in learning

First presentation of the final plenary session of BETT Leadership Summit 2016

More about the presenter: http://erichawkinson.com

More about the conference: https://asia.bettshow.com/

TEDx and Augmented Reality - Informal Learning Design for Events

Eric Hawkinson, Martin Stack, and Erin Noxon were Featured Presenters at The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2015 (ACTC2015) in Kobe, Japan.

In their Featured Presentation they discuss the latest advances in Augmented Reality (AR) technology and the potential impacts it can have on education.