Enlightened Entrepreneur

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Vision | Purpose |Clarity | Profit

Turn your purpose into a business

Vision | Purpose |Clarity | Profit

Are you someone that either:

  • A. Has a dream of owning a business, whether it is a coaching business, network marketing, brick and mortar, no employees or dream of a business full of employees
  • B. Feel your business is no longer a dream but a J*O*B

If either of these apply to you, you are in the right place. Nothing is by coincidence.

As a former civil engineer in a previous life, one day I woke up and I felt I could no longer work for someone else. I followed my passion to inspire others through teaching yoga to help navigate through stress and uncharted waters. In 2010 I became the owner of The Yoga Room, but had many fears based on never owning an actual business. There were many trials and errors that have occurred over the years, but the biggest challenge is the ability to see things differently and implement systems in place for your business.

Together we will work on

  1. Vision: Create a vision of your business, which is an expansion of who you are. Really define the dream.
  2. Purpose: Who, what, where, when, why and how is your business going to serve others?
  3. Clarity: Defining the end result you want your business to be.
  4. Profit: For your business to profit, systems will be put in place so that you will have the opportunity to not only have a business but also enjoy life.

If you have a vision of creating more purpose and abundance in your life, then I invite you to click "Apply now" below to schedule a call with me. Let's discuss your a potential future of creating more authenticity in wholeness that can happen!

Create inner and outer wealth and abundance.

Enlightened Entrepreneur is for you if you are ready to:

  • See things differently.
  • Create a mindset of serving others.
  • Manage stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm in a healthy way.
  • Begin to see the world with a bigger vision in mind.
  • Achieve more levels of confidence and clarity.
  • Creating wholeness within yourself.
  • Bring balance to your work and life.
  • Wake up each day with Purpose, Clarity and Joy

Investing in yourself sets the foundation for your future, that what you are doing has purpose and meaning.

Education offers you the ability to grow beyond where you currently are.

Empowering others creates opportunities of freedom, purpose and service.

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Coaching & Mentoring Program

Objects of specialized weekly coaching and mentoring:

  • Develop a vision of your life and business that are an extension of your true personality that reflect what you were put here on this earth to share with others.
  • Identify obstacles that are self-sabotaging you and your business.
  • Develop action plans and regular practices enriching you both personally and professionally. (Remember, your business is an extension of you)
  • Through your purpose, your "Why", your business will reach out to others on emotional, physical, mental, social levels helping to create a business based on wisdom and shared through clarity.
  • Develop goals develops clarity through which your actions are based giving you the ability to move forward with greater ease.
  • Create opportunities of true connection between you and your clients through marketing that is based on the needs of your clients.
  • Expand your vision and purpose of your business through strategic marketing that leverages the power of your unique skill set in this world.
  • Continue to develop your inner resources through regular practices of wisdom practices to awaken and master each step along your journey.


  • Individual session: $524 one time payment
  • 1 Month: 4 sessions: $1997 one time payment
  • 3 Months: 12 sessions: $2997 one time payment or
    • Payment Plan ($3500 total on payment plan):
        • 1st payment with contract: $1500
        • 2nd payment of $1000 at start of month 2
        • 3rd payment of $1000 at start of month 3
  • 6 Months: 24 session: $5,997 one time payment or
    • Payment Plan ($6485 total on payment plan):
        • 1st payment with contract: $1500
        • 2nd payment of $997 at start of month 2
        • 3rd payment of $997 at start of month 3
        • 4th payment of $997 at start of month 4
        • 5th payment of $997 at start of month 5
        • 6th payment of $997 at start of month 6

(sessions may be placed on hold at any time. )