Work with Me!

I am so incredibly honored that you are here.

Where to even start?

Where I started was on my mat. I didn't know it at the time, but that is exactly where I was meant to be. I grew up playing soccer and just loved it, BUT I didn't know that my life was based on competition. It took me MANY years to shift that, especially when I had physical injuries, but still wanted to practice yoga. I couldn't force anything because the pain was too much literally. This was my unknown entrance to mindfulness. There was something about yoga that kept bringing me back. I was smitten! It is the one thing that I have stuck with since 1998, you can count the beginning of my relationship with my husband at that point to. So I guess there are two things that I've really stuck with since then. (We got married in 1999)

To be able to move the body when I was in my 20's feels so different now. But again, that awareness brings me back to the mat and to my cushion again and again and again.

Continuing to study the Self (the non-ego self) is a life long journey for me and I feel I keep getting called back.

You see I grew up wanting to be accepted. In my mind I never thought I was. I felt I needed to continually prove myself again and again through trying out for cheerleeding in 8th grade (imagine Elaine from Seinfeld dancing and cheering, yep, that was me) And always thinking I needed to be part of the "in" crowd. It was not until more recently did I see that I needed to accept myself first, which looking back, I started to do so and the physical injuries where my best teacher. I stared to work from the outside in.

I'm here to save you the pain and agony of going through the journey that I did. I continue to practice self-acceptance and have found my greatest strengths are that I see the best in everyone. Really I do. I am your biggest cheerleader and would be happy to do an actual cheer for you (just give me a lot of room and high ceilings, um just because). I also have high ethical and moral standards and strengths to adapt to any situation as well as figure things out

If you feel called, please reach out to me for a 30 minute inquiry session to see if we are a fit. My training and coaching are not for everyone and I want you to know that.