Essential Oils

I've been practicing yoga since 1998. On and off throughout the years I've heard of essential oils, but never understood them, nor did I ask about them. I thought they were just some foreign object and never understood that quality would make a difference. You could say I was very much a essential oils skeptic... that is until I tried them. My life was enhanced tenfold!

After I was introduced to them and actually tried the doTERRA brand in May of 2016 did I start to understand their purpose. I've found benefit immediately after I tried Breath as well as Deep Blue. Since then I've continued to incorporate them into my life as well as my husband's and my 2 four legged fur babies Owsley & Charlie.

Because I have found benefit in using these "gifts of the earth" I have began to incorporate them into my meditation and yoga classes and well as reiki sessions.

dōTERRA is setting the standard for what quality essential oils mean by testing every batch, every time, for quality you can count on again and again. This three minute video goes into more detail on the dōTERRA difference.

More information for dōTERRA can be found at site:

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