About Maureen

My Background


I'm Maureen and I am so honored you are here. As a mentor, I work with women that, just like you, are ready to start to live a life of more authenticity and wholeness to develop more purpose and meaning in everyday. I can help guide you along this journey to create more inner peace and fulfillment.

In my previous life I was a civil engineer. I actually started out college in honors English, then jumped into theater where I worked not only behind the scenes but acted on stage and realized that I needed to have financial security so I settled on became a civil engineer. Looking back, I remember I had a teacher in high school that was passionate for algebra and I couldn't help love it!

After graduating and working as a civil engineer for four years designing site-plans and surveying land I realized that I was not happy in what I was doing.

I had no model to follow at the time for what I was going through.

While I was a civil engineer I started to practice yoga and that was in 1999. I didn't know how things were going to look, but that was my passion. In 2003 I became a yoga teacher, in 2005 I started to certify others to teach yoga. I had many part time jobs along the way from personal assistant, to answering phones, to helping out at a vet clinic and an doctors office and working retail.

I thoroughly loved connecting to others and seeing what their passions were in life. In 2010 I became the owner of The Yoga Room, which by the way, has been in operation since 1999! This was and still is an honor for me because the day I walked into a yoga class is the day that changed my life. On April 1, 2018, no joke, I stepped down from teaching weekly yoga classes at the studio. This has opened up opportunities for me to connect deeper and mentor women going through exactly what I was going through.

My Love

I was told by my dad when I was young that "If you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life." And that phrase resonated with me since that time.

I am a wife of almost 19 years to my husband where we enjoy concerts, music festivals, traveling and movies. I am also a mom to two adorable doodle dogs. I am also multi-passionate entrepreneur inspiring, teaching and creating growth for others to thrive.

I have been the owner of The Yoga Room in Niles, Ohio since 2010. Here I offer opportunities where you can delve into learning more about your self through the practice and study of yoga through classes, workshops and trainings to allow you to begin a journey inward and take this knowledge and wisdom that you discover on the mat and ripple out into your life and create a community and world of compassion and understanding by first starting with yourself.

I have been training individuals to follow their hearts and become yoga teachers since 2005. I effectively lead yoga teacher trainings and immersions for inner and outer growth and exploration of the mind and body connection. (Next one begins September 2018, more details TBA!!!)

I am also a facilitator of women's retreats to help inspire grounding in growth along this journey of life, living and purpose. (More coming very soon!!!)

I am now focusing on mentoring women individually to create a path for you to live a life of purpose. We will develop effective practices that allow you to rediscover your passions in life to create growth in the direction of your strengths to implement your purpose in your life and in this world. We will also work on effective goal setting to allow you to realize your potential and begin to put it in action. We will also work on the mindset and creating tools for self compassion and self care as you move forward on your journey.

If you are not living a life of purpose and experiencing joy in how you live or what you do, then I invite you to schedule a meaningful call with me so we can discuss what could be possible for you.

Intention, Direction and Purpose to create a life of authenticity and wholeness.

It is your time to create the life you want to live!

How to work together

Women's Purposeful Living Transformational Weekend Retreats (More info coming ASAP)