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🌱This Year (2021) is Different🌱

🌱This new year is different.🌱

(Keep reading for what 2021 looks like.)

2020 has taught me a lot:

🌱Slow down.

🌱Find appreciation in the most challenging of things.

🌱Be you.

🌱Seek out what your heart yearns for.


🌱Laugh more.

🌱Let go of what no longer serves you.

🌱Embrace what fills you.

🌱There's things far greater at work.

🌱Move from a place of love, compassion, wisdom, truth and kindness.

🌱I really do not need a lot.

🌱I don't have to play big.

🌱I don't have to play small.

🌱Make loads of mistakes because these are opportunities to learn and move in the direction the heart is yearning for.

🌱Own your mistakes. Own your flaws. There is someone out there that is far better than you and you can collaborate with them. Their strengths are your weaknesses. How beautiful is that?!

☀️I incorporated a few years back what's called "One Word" that my friend Jim Donovan introduced me to. Basically it is one word that summarizes what you want to bring into your life for this new year. (or honestly anytime you are ready to start, you don't have to wait)

❤️My one word for 2021 is Fulfillment.❤️

I've let go of so many things, ideas, attitudes, trajectories that I thought is the direction I "wanted" to go in. They were not easy to release at the time, but when I listened to my heart and looked at the bigger picture, I saw I wasn't truly fulfilled.

This year I will continue to move in the direction that my heart yearns for:

❤️More contemplation and meditation

❤️More cuddles

❤️More books

❤️More gardening and fresh healthy food because honestly it is so delicious and my body responds differently when filled with these nutrients

❤️More authenticity

❤️More service

❤️More reading

❤️More time in nature

❤️More mistakes (I've found I procrastinate because I want to have things done a certain way and there is far less fulfillment. I can simply just start and adjust along the way)

❤️More inner lessons

❤️Listening to the inner nudges

❤️More deep connections

May you find what it is that you are looking for and may you feel the abundance of life live through you and may all beings feel this.


"I look forward to joining this relaxing community of people on Mondays for yoga with essential oils. The dialogue brings me back to what is meaningful in the relationship we have with ourselves, nature, and each other. the stretching and strengthening leaves me feeling like I do after a long swim in a lake. Thank you, Maureen!" -Leslie M.

"I love recharging with relaxation and taking time to be nice to myself. Class is an encouragement to begin again and continue working on whatever aspect of our life you're working on. It allows one to be comfortable with any limitations and stretch into muscles that have been tight for years." -Len M.

"I always look forward to class knowing I'll sleep great that night. Taking the time to slow down the mind and move intelligently helps me to reconnect with the present, especially when life feels overwhelming. Understanding the details of setting up a strong foundation and learning to balance has helped soothe SI pain as well." -Zander M.