Monclova Country Church

Monclova Country Church (built 1901)

Originally built for the Radical United Brethren congregation in Monclova, the church was moved to the complex in 1985. "Simple, stately elegance" describes our county chapel well. The wood-framed structure has very understated Gothic Revival details. The church qualifies as a vernacular ("homespun") landmark. The original belfry, with its Gothic swept roof, was destroyed in a fire and replaced by a simple, straightforward bell tower.

Milton Wright, father of the famous flying brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and founder of the Radical United Brethren Church, served as the original congregation's bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ahl purchased the building and eventually donated it to the Maumee Valley Historical Society. It was bisected and moved to its present site in the fall of 1985

Many weddings take place throughout the year at the rustic church, which can accommodate up to 100 people. For more information on how to schedule a wedding, and to check available dates, call 419-893-9602.

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