Maui County Comprehensive Affordable Housing Plan

A plan to build affordable homes for the people of Maui County

About the Plan

On November 9, 2020 the Office of Council Services contracted local nonprofit, Hawaiian Community Assets, to assemble a team that engaged approximately 1,600 community members to identify recommendations and solutions for affordable housing for the County of Maui.

The final plan was presented to the Maui County Council July 19, 2021.

Next Step: Contact Your Councilmembers to Share Your Feedback on the Plan

It is now the responsibility of the Maui County Council to work with the County of Maui in implementing the plan.

Contact your councilmembers to share your feedback on the plan so they can take action for affordable housing.

Click Here to find your councilmembers.

Maui County Comprehensive Affordable Housing Plan

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Final Plan

Final Maui County Comprehensive Affordable Housing Plan

Executive Summary

Summary of the comprehensive plan

Priority Projects

Community Profiles with Priority Projects

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